I watched Aquaman last night and I didn't like it



I saw this post and was beyond curious to see what your points of disinterest were gonna be. Haha
But, yes! It was definitely awesome!

I finally saw it a few days ago with family - in 3D!
Well-worth the money.




@KittyKrawler Yes, it was so awesome! I’m planning to watch it again in 3D with my friends after Christmas.

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I’m not sure what the standard version was like, but the 3D version was delightfully immersive!

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I just did the Imax, but I generally hate 3D. Are you all suggesting this could change my mind? Aquaman is the stuff comic book dreams are made of.

@dianalworks.33217, it all depends on what version of 3D your theatre offers. I saw it in IMAX 3Dcand it was great.

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I loved Aquaman too it was my second favorite dc movie and I can’t wait for the sequel

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Glad you loved it. So did I.

I saw the regular version and found it very immersive. The 3D version is just a conversion, so no interest for me but the IMAX version could be worth it, due to the special formatting of the movie.

It wasn’t bad. They kept to the story. Mera was hot, the fish were under control. Arthur ended up King. That’s pretty much the story. Orem got his. Throne of Atlantis. What else would you expect? I wish they did a movie for Flash and the paradox. Thats kinda nuts.

I loved the movie but I didn’t think the IMAX was worth more than a regular ticket. At least it didn’t make me ill like the last movie I watched in that format.