I was expecting more real news out of Comic Con

Well, we didn’t get any new show announcements, which I find very disappointing. We already knew about Titans, except for the premier date. Doom Patrol season 2 was an open secret that most outlets knew about. Young Justice season 4 wasn’t a surprise given it’s fanbase. So all in all, pretty disappointing.

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Nothing is official until it’s official. I’d say we got some big news today🍀


I agree

We already knew about all the shows coming out this year and the beginning of next year. They never want to announce stuff too far in advance, or they’d have nothing to announce at other events. Obviously they’re going to have to tell us what’s on tap for 2020 soon because the first group of annual subscribers will be deciding if they want to renew or not in October. What else is in October? New York City comic con.


I was surprised by Young Justice season 4. It looks like they cut corners on the animation for part 2 of Outsiders, so I thought they didn’t consider it worthwhile enough to invest money in. I’m glad to see that’s not the case, but I wonder if it means that Young Justice season 4 will air on HBO Max at the same time it does DC Universe like Doom Patrol so it’s more worthwhile to them… I don’t know. I’m just glad it’s happening.

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Young Justice isn’t going to HBO Max. Doom Patrol is, and it was critically acclaimed. Expect to see the mainstream movies that we can’t get on DCU.

Young Justice is so controversial with the fanbase, and so obviously of a lower production quality, that I was completely surprised it’s getting a 4th season. The creators really love us. But Young Justice is much too niche of a thing to be on a service like HBO Max is apparently going to be. I would be surprised (again) if Young Justice gets picked up by any network. And that’s okay with me.