I Want To Start Reading The Comics So Where Should I Start ?

I’ve Never Read Any Of The Comics But I Want But I Don’t Know Where To Start. Any Ideas ?

Are there any characters that you like from seeing them in movies, TV, or games?

Yes, start with who you like.

Its hard to say, 1st appearances are always a good start, just so you can see where they all came from, but in terms of a continuing read its a matter of taste. For me, I like the realistic take on the characters, so Golden Age and New 52 were my favorite eras, but I do appreciate the current Rebirth era (which is an altered New 52) and Modern Age. But if you like the campiness of say Teen Titans Go or the Adam West Batman series from the 60’s, than The Silver Age and Bronze Age stuff would be a good choice to go toward. You can also do what I did and look up what inspired the films you enjoy & read those. For example the Nola Trilogy was hugely inspired by the Jeph Loeb/Tim Saly run (The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, etc), which in itself continued to feel of the Frank Miller Year One story and tone.

Yeah, this is always a difficult question, since a lot of comics build pretty heavily on prior continuity, so it’s easy to get lost unless you’re like me and got involved through wiki-crawling and watching reviews before actually reading anything. Some runs and books are more beginner-friendly than others, too. For example, I’ve been reading Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern recently, and that book is very efficient about explaining the premise and backstory such that a beginner can understand it but a longer-standing fan doesn’t have to sit through extended rehashing of old storylines.

Probably the best thing to do (if not the easiest) is to just pick something with a character you like, start reading it, and look up anything you don’t understand.

Alternatively, go on the wiki, look up a character you like (look at the New Earth version if you’re looking for a longer history, Prime Earth if you’re looking for the “modern” versions as of the 2011 reboot), read through the article, pick out a sequence of events that sounds interesting, figure out what book that happened in, and go read it. Not ideal if you don’t want to be spoiled, but nice for going in informed.

If you want to do it the really hard way, just start reading a whole bunch of comics all at once until everything starts to make sense.

Some good beginner series/runs (including a few that I personally don’t like all that much but make for an adequate introduction):
Grant Morrison and Mark Waid’s JLA runs
New Teen Titans/Tales of the New Teen Titans/New Titans (they shuffled the titles of the series around a lot so it may require some research to figure out what order you’re supposed to read everything in)
Batman starting with Batman: Year One and up through A Lonely Place of Dying - at which point you could either continue into the Dixon era from the '90s or skip ahead to Under the Hood if you want to see more of Jason Todd
The aforementioned Geoff Johns Green Lantern stuff
Titans (a later version of the team, but one that’s still fairly easy on beginners)
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World books (particularly New Gods and Mister Miracle)
Of course, reading Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, and Flashpoint will help you understand all the continuity shifts, so that might not be a bad place to start either. Of course, if you really want the full story out of that, you should probably start with all the old JLA/JSA crossovers from the '60s and '70s.

Go to Comic Book Herald site for many DC Reading Guides, for beginners, by year, by era, by characters .

You can start with DC Rebirth #1s.

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Go to the “Comic Book” board and find the post for the DCU Book Club Week 19…

We’re reading the first six issues of the 1998 run of Young Justice this week.

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I recommend starting with rebirth. In particular Batman Rebirth which just joined on is a fantastic intro to what comics can be. Just skip issues #7-8 to avoid confusion

I’d start with these two things: what characters do you like and what genres do you like? Comics is such a vast medium, it doesn’t all boil down to superhero comics, and even superhero comics can operate within other genres such as horror or sci-fi. From there, decide if you need “age appropriate” material. If you don’t have any preference for characters or genres, I’d recommend Hush. It was my first comic book, so I can personally vouch that it’s pretty beginner friendly :rofl: Injustice was my second comic, and since it has its own continuity, you don’t have to worry about knowing much about the characters before diving in, so I recommend that for beginners. Also, because Injustice has such a vast array of characters, that makes it a good pick as well because then you can get a good idea of which characters interest you. Of course, there’s always the classics like Marv Wolfman’s Teen Titans, which is never a bad pick!
This got so much wordier than I intended it to :joy: