I Want to Start Reading Batman, Superman, Teen Titans and Justice League New 52 Comics, Where Do I Start?

Its been very boring being trapped at home all the time during the quarentine, with businesses being shut down and places being closed, this whole thing sucks. But during rough time I really would like to get more into DC comics, The New 52 era in particular, but Im confused about where to start. The whole new 52 Batman, Superman, Justice League, Justice League Dark and Teen Titans continuities seem all out of order and confusing, and I need some advice on where to start and in what order I should read them so the whole thing makes sense.
Thank you


There are many good series in New 52, which started in.2011
Aquaman, Demon Knights Frankenstein Agent of Shade
Many people here liked New 52 Animal Man, Batman, Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman

The New 52 was a reboot.

A lot of existing storylines were changed

Also time was compressed to five years.

So there were four robins in those five years Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damien Wayne.

The Batman and Green Lantern titles mostly ignored any changes.

Justice League and Action Comics started five year ago, with Superman acting as he did in Action Comics 1, as a fighter for social justice.

All the main characters were in their mid twenties., rather than in their thirties.

The marriages that existed before were erased
Lois Lane and Clark Kent
Iris West and Barry Allen
Arthur and Mera.

Superman was dating Wonder Woman, which was never acknowledged in her book

The Amazons wete not immortal. They would have sex with sailors and then murder them. Then female babies were raised as Amazons. The male babies were given to Greek god Hephaestus.

Many of the first sidekicks like Donna Troy and Wally West ceased to exist The New Teen Titans of Grayson Troy West Gar Raven Kori and Cyborg never happened.

Cyborg was on the first Justice League Team while Martian Manhunter was part of Stormwatch.

Starfire did not seem to remember any of her numerous male lovers.

That is a lot of changes.

The titles themselves are easy to find in our library. Each of these series began in 2011

New 52 was a sales failure and Rebirth brought back a lot of characters and storylines in.2015.

The New Teen Ttans still never existed nor did the 1940s Justice Society.

The new Superman was killed and the old Superman came back, married to Lois Lane with a young son, Jon in Superman Lois and Clark in 2015.

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To add onto @TurokSonOfStone1950’s more complete answer, you can start at issue 1 for any of the New 52 books. They are all reboots and many of the books are a lot of fun. I would even give some books like Sword of Sorcery a chance. DC was trying a lot of different things, some of things were great and some not so great. Still, there were some books I personally did not like that my friends did.


The New 52 Teen Titans is, alas, not the best of runs. It gets better with the second series. I read it mostly as a Red Robin book to get through it.


If your looking for a chronology of the stories and arcs for the New 52 runs of those characters I think there is a “date published” blurb somewhere on the info page for the arc on DC Universe. While I’m not sure about the rest of the titles you mentioned I know for a fact that the Batman run goes

1 Court of Owls
(Night of Owls Bat-Family crossover event that isn’t necessary to read)
2 City of Owls
3 Death OF the Family
4 Zero Year
5 End Game

And Justice League starts with Origin then goes into Trinity War and Forever Evil (although I think that there is another arc in between Origin and Trinity War) and then goes to Amazo Virus and eventually Darkseid War, but I think I might be missing a few arcs in there.


I’m going to have to second the guy saying that the n52 Teen Titans wasn’t good (also, most of it (if not all) has been retconned out, so there’s not much in reading it from that front either) so I wouldn’t advise reading it, however, you can do what you want. I would also advise against reading n52 Wonder Woman, as it is insanely disrespectful to the character and also rather misogynistic, but again, you can read what you want, these are just my opinions.
Now, onto the rest:
You can start with the #1s for most of them, as it was a hard reboot- however there are some inconsistencies, as DC was like “hmm, we rebooted but what if we kept some stories even if it doesn’t make sense in continuity” so you will hit some snags here or there, but as a general rule it should make sense. Green Lantern has essentially no continuity changes, so you may want to read some pre52 titles beforehand (The War of the Green Lanterns storyline is the one I would recommend- it sets up most of the immediate n52 storylines. However, you can always go back and read other, older storylines if you need to later on).
So, in essence, you can start at the number 1s for whichever immediate n52 title you are interested in, and it should be fine from there. (However, you may need background knowledge for titles that started later on, like in 2014, and in that case, it may be better to ask about that title specifically).

Here is the reading order for the entire New 52:
Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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