I want to like heroes in crisis why is it so hard?

What am I missing? Granted I haven’t read #7 or #8 yet and the premise is something I was into but the execution is just…not there for me is it just me?


Because it was intended to be a serious discussion of PSTD and became an event comic, and the two notions are irreconcilable.

Hopefully Doomsday Clock will negate this and we wont see Wally in Suicide Squad.


It a really weird comic. I’ve enjoyed it alot, HIC has a really unconventional narrative that I really like but I think that’s the same thing that turns alot of people off. Plus One criticism I’ve heard alot is that’s it’s drawn out too long which I sort of agree with, it probably could have been shortened to 6 issues. As much as I love Harley and Booster the whole red herring angle has been unnecessary in my opinion

I stopped reading with issue #5 because I found it depressing and hopeless. I’d hoped for a murder mystery. The violence felt exploitative and wasn’t something I could get into.


The biggest problem with HIC is that Tom King wanted to tell a serious story about a health issue that he felt strongly about but Dan Didio(t) decided to use it as a hit piece to get rid of and/or ruin characters he hated.