I want old comics

I want to see lots of old comics. Maybe I’m just an oldie. As a kid, I loved browsing through the long boxes at the comic shop and finding some weird, unknown comic. I’d spend what little money I had earned from mowing lawns and gamble on this new discovery.

Sometimes, the comics were crap. But usually, I enjoyed the reading or the artwork or the ads. And sometimes, I’d discover something truly awesome.

And when it was awesome, I’d feel compelled to compete the story. I’d need to find all the back issues, and the connections to other comics.

I don’t want New 52. I’ve already got those. And give ones I don’t have are super easy to find. I want Golden Age, Soccer Age, Pre-Crisis, and Post-Crisis (before Zero Hour).


Ugh. Auto-complete got me. Soccer-Age should be Silver-Age.

harley.333, I bet if there was a “soccer age” of comics it would have been better than the inane New 52. But, you’re right, we need older comics from the Silver and Bronze ages. I have a hunch there are fans on this site who have never seen the works of Infantino, Toth, Kubert, Anderson, Cardy, Andru & Esposito, Swan, and–yes–even Neal Adams. That’s a crying shame, and DC must rectify this paucity of classic content.


Agreed- but I’m trying to not to get my hopes up too much. I know rights issues were responsible for blocking reprints of a ton of 70s and 80s stuff for a LOT of years, and I’m guessing from what’s been on offer so far there are similar problems here. I know it doesn’t seem like the jump from tradeback to computer screen should cause any legal problems,but I had a friend with a one hit wonder song that showed me pages and pages of contracts separating radio play from streaming from cds etc, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Yeah, I hope that’s not true. I wish we’d get more communications about what the ultimate goals for the comics section actually are.

When this service started, I was hoping for access to the full library. And I was hoping for community-driven collections, so we could help create full storylines with all crossovers, etc. And I wanted hyperlinks in the comics (links to creators, characters, other comics, videos, etc.).

But so far, it’s been fairly recent comics that are easy to acquire. And if you’re already a moderate fan of DC or even comics in general, you’ve already been exposed to the majority of what’s currently being offered.

Anyway, I don’t want this thread to devolve into another “I hate DC Universe” rant. Fact of the matter, I’m a pretty huge fan. I signed up as soon as I heard about it. Actually, my wife made me wait a couple months, so she could give it to mw for my birthday. But I was still in the Beta period. So I really want this service to succeed.

But I don’t think it will, without the comics.

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Old comics are really underrated. There is a joy in reading a comic where they fit a lot of story in.

Nowadays you need to collect a full trade to get as much story as you did in one silver age issue.

Too many times you get the monthly comic only for next to nothing to happen and you have to wait a whole month for the next chance for the arc to move on.

Even if the art has progressed in newer comics it feels like it comes at a price. There is beauty in the old stuff.


I’m with ya, there’s a few, there’s hardly ANY, books out today that can match the amount of story in an given issue of an old funny book. Decompressionism has taken over and has been the norm for far to long. Imagine takin this 3 sentence post and stretching it out into 6 separate posts, THATS modern comics

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I like comics of all stripes but I think having more golden, silver and bronze age comics would go a long way to correct problems with this site having series like JL Dark that is unreadable because of the missing annual and crossover issues.

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I never really thought of the story compression in older comics. But you’re dead-on!

Personally, I’m not a fan of newer artists. You can almost see the photoshop layers. I much prefer the older style where the artist had no choice but no draw everything at once. And the masters (Williamson, Wrightson, Kirby, etc.) are truly something to behold.

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