I want more.

  1. They don’t have Justice League Unlimited’s last episode “Epilogue”
  2. Missing a lot of good movies, B/S Apocalypse Public Enemies… just to name a few

All I’m saying is, I need it to get better if I’m going to continue to pay for it.

Hi Gorbles! “Epilogue” is actually the finale of the FIRST season of Justice League Unlimited. You’ll find it as Season 1, Episode 26. (At the time, they didn’t know they’d get a Season 2.)

As for the movies, DCU has a rotating library of films that changes every month. Keep an eye on the Watchtower for news on what’s coming and going.


My mistake, thank you

I just want a full library I guess

I agree, i’m not a fan of them removing and adding stuff each month. Makes no sense when they have the license to it. I understand why they cant have DCEU,Arrowverse,Gotham etc, but when they have the license, whats the purpose?

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@Salman I’m guessing it’s to make money. This service is most likely not fully profitable, so they have to license stuff out to get money. Another explanation could be that contracts could have been worked before now that demands they do that

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I really don’t get people who say “they have the license, they should put everything up”. Let me break it down for you: these might be DC properties, but it’s WB who ultimately has final say over what DC does because they OWN DC, and guess what, AT&T OWNS WB. It’s not as simple as you all think!