I want Henry Cavill to keep playing Superman and Ben Afleck to keep playing Batman. What do you guys think?

I very much so enjoy seeing Henry Cavill and Ben Afleck playing their roles in the DCCU (DC Cinematic universe). I think Afleck is the closest iteration of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns as we will ever get. And Cavill has the Smallville charm I think that Superman embodies.
There is a reason Marvel has done so well with the MCU. Even through a couple of bad movies they have kept the same actors in their roles and audiences have gotten used to them because they realize that “they are blank”. Like “Robert Downey JR. IS Iron Man”.
Batman v Superman and Justice League might have been critically destroyed by “movie critics”. But the fans of DC showed up and made those movies money. And I freaking love both of those movies more than anything. I wish they were on here. My point is, you are on track to make the DCCU something like the MCU in regards to size and vision. Don’t muddle it up now with recasting and resetting everything you’ve done up until this point.
What do you guys think?


Mad bummer all Superman wants is money & mad sad Batman can’t kick the bottle nor wants the role​:confused::hugs:


Bummer we can’t get what we always want. Oh well. Life goes on.

I’d love to keep both. I don’t think there’s anything saying either is out for sure yet, though. At this point it’s just a lot of speculation. But it doesn’t seem like we’re going to see a Superman or Batman solo film for years.

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I love both actors (Cavill & Affleck) and hope they both do a few more films. But WB is a mess and seems to have no concrete direction. They cancelled Flashpoint with the fan favorite walking dead actors as Batman’s parents. Would have been an interesting, complex, emotional story and use of Barry’s powers…but seems they are gonna do a learning your powers Iris centered origin story…so, the current TV show: the movie. WB is just too scared and doesn’t have any faith in their own products.

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I agree. Henry Cavill in particular. If he leaves that will be rough. His version of the character is what made me appreciate Superman. And now he is my favorite superhero. Thanks to Man of Steel.

I feel it’s too little too late.

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Sadly we can’t always get what we want

Honestly I’m not that sad to see either one of them go. I think Henry could’ve made a halfway decent Superman if he had been given a halfway decent script, but he wasn’t and I found his portrayal all together lackluster. And Ben’s portrayal I found…off putting to say the least. I think I could maybe kind of see him as a Bruce Wayne, but he seemed very uncomfortable and awkward and out of place in the batsuit and again his script was not even good, let alone great. And the dynamic between the two left a LOT to be desired. You can’t take a rookie Superman and a veteran Batman and expect them to have any kind of real respect for one another. Because the problem you run into is Batman’s been doing this too long and Superman has been doing it long enough and both think they’re right in their way of doing things. They need to be on the same playing field either two rookies or two veterans. I feel like we should have met them when they were both about 5-6 years into their careers and they had already met each other and already had a relationship with each other. Then we get to see two men who have the same amount of experience realize that they have the same morals and the same goals just different ways of reaching those goals. I feel like that would’ve been more believable and entertaining. But, yeah, overall I’m not that sad to see them go and in all honesty I think that they need to take Lois with them. Because although I think like Amy Adams and think she could’ve done a passable job as Lois if given an even halfway good script, she wasn’t and she didn’t and her and Henry have absolutely zero chemistry, which is really off putting to put it mildly. The writer really ran into the problem of telling us she’s super intelligent, yet making her consistently makes stupid decisions. I think they need to keep The actors they have for Alfred, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman and recast the rest.


Keep Cavill because despite Justice League sucking, they finally got Superman right. Recast Affleck. They just need to start over with Batman. As someone already pointing out, taking a veteran Batman and putting with a younger league (excluding Wonder Woman) was really off putting and I just don’t think he captures the character. Everybody else should stay, but they really got to write The Flash a lot better. Ezra Miller is a really good actor weighed down by terrible writing and direction.

I agree with superman. But Christian bale is my favorite batman. He was it.

I just want Henry as Superman. I was never a fan of Ben as Batman.

I agree I love them both in the roles.

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I agree that Ben fit the role for Frank Miller’s Batman, but they’re trying to make a universe out of him and he’s just portrayed to be to old and to dark after losing robin(which can be assumed to be Jason Todd) that I would never imagine this version of Batman ever trying to “Unite the League”. I think they picked the right person for BvS but they shouldn’t have used it to make a universe. The ages are all mixed up too like everyone looks pretty young and there’s Batman with a full head of grey hair. Also this is a personal preference, why can’t Ben just shave correctly?? We see him shave in Justice League but he shows back up as Batman and he’s still got a little bit of facial hair and I can’t imagine Batman having facial hair unless it’s Thomas Wayne. I think that they should have tried to get Christian Bale or someone around his age to play the role.

Brant Daugherty as Superman


Nick Bateman


I do too. Things aren’t looking good though

I agree 100%. Really bummed we may never see them again. Wish WB would be more transparent to the fans about what is actually going on.

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