I Want a Red Hood VS Nightwing Event!

There needs to be a Red Hood VS Nightwing event SOOON! And I will tell you why:

Not long I realized that sometime in the near future Mr.Scott Lobdell will no longer be writing Red Hood. Not sure the exact issue, but I feel like it will be soon. At the moment Dan Jurgens is writing Nightwing and he has since issue 50 now.

Red Hood and just recently Nightwing have had costume changes. They also had their own crew with Red Hood and his Outlaws. Nightwing with his nightwing crew.

Also let’s consider the fact that these characters have pretty much stuck to their storyline since the New 52, even after Rebirth, their story just continued.

One thing for sure is that two of original outlaws, Starfire and Arsenal, have had a longer relationship with Dick then with Jason.


I would love this!

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