I thought Dr. Manhattan is more powerful than Superman and all-powerful Heroes

because wally west says in rebirth he more Powerful than Darkseid, but after I read DC # 9-11 I surprise Dr. Manhattan had some weakening spots. Superman kills Dr. Manhattan, and Lex will go after Dr, Manhattan and control him. wow, I am surprised. look like wrong about Dr. Manhattan:superman_hv_2:

My theory is that Dr Manhattan is a god where he is from doesn’t take much for him to outclass ozymandias or nite owl

Soon as he scrapes the rust off, realizes he has to up his game, Superman and luthor would be like a couple drops of water to a wildfire. Unless Superman uses that want to power that makes him faster than the flash

Where are you getting this from? Nothing like that has happened in Doomsday Clock so far

I’d say Dr Manhattan is very powerful, but I wouldn’t say he is anywhere near the higher levels of power in DC. In fact I’m very iffy on the idea of him being stronger than Myzyxptlk and Darkseid. Darkseid on average, I can see Manhattan being greater than, but if Darkseid were on his best days or using stronger avatars than he could give Manhattan a run for his money. As for true form Darkseid, I don’t think Manhattan can even begin to compare to him. As for Myzyxptlk, I really doubt that Manhattan can rival him in the first place.