I think I have a cool idea for a batman comic.

I believe that Bruce Wayne is one of the strongest creature to ever embrace the DCU. Batman has probably the most incredible intellect and will. I think it would be really cool if Batman fought someone with a lantern ring, and then Batman proceeds to just straight will a Green Lantern ring to him and destroy the enemy. I would imagine that he would keep the ring for a couple of comics as an event (kinda like the Supergirl New 52 Red Lantern event) and get rid of it for some reason.

What do you think about this?


Batman took Hal Jordan’s ring in issue 1 of 2011 Justice League by Geoff Johns but it was more his pickpocket skills


From the comic


Hal lets him try the ring early in Johns’ '05 GL run. Bats actually has a hard time making it work because he uses his fear to motivate him rather than overcoming it like a GL. He begins to get the hang of it, but decides to give the ring back to Hal because he’s not ready to move on like that.

While it’s kind of a random detour from the plot at that point, I thought it was a very insightful analysis of both characters.


And there’s also the 1993 Elseworlds story Batman: In Darkest Knight by Mike Barr if you want an entire comic’s worth of Bruce Wayne with a Lantern ring.


It IS a good idea.

That is why writers who have to rack their brains every day for ideas already used it.

We didnt mean to gang up on you. We’re just enthusiastic DC fans. I only knew two of the three instances.

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And Frank Miller had “the godammed Batman” steal the ring from Hal in All-Star Batman and Robin.