I think Avengers Endgame will be the end of us all.

I’m gonna be crying a LOT

More than when I hit you with that crowbar, @ Redhood.55520?


Ha! That’s funny. I about spit out my Dr. Pepper when I read that HP.

You so cwazy!


My madness defines me, @Vroom! :slight_smile:


Just remember, payback’s a b***h…

I just want to see it For Captain America and Ant Man. Awesome characters

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@Harleys_Puddin, just to clarify I was inferring payback cuz of the whole crowbar joke and what happened to Joker when Red Hood came about. I just re-read that comment of mine and it struck me as odd so I wanted to clarify it was meant as a joke.

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@HarleysPuddin, the crowbar is now my most powerful weapon