I talked with Applejack and she understands your pains

To everyone who likes the comic session, during a post Titans watch along talk with DCU Book Club, we got to talk with Applejack about what is going on with the DC Universe comics session.

Though we didn’t learn much, we did learn that applejack hears us loud and clear and the staff and developers are looking at what we are saying. I’m confident by January many of our problems and issues will be sorted out. However patience.

Know you are heard!! Have a wonderful day!

P.s here is the DCU Book Club discord:


Yep Nathan it was fun and DC Applejack, thanks for stopping by. I hopefully we’ll continue to do our post talk show after the live watchathon that DCU is doing on Friday evenings.

It really was!!

Yup by January. And by January we will have more content. Krypton is coming here. Also by early next year we should have this app on PS4 and Xbox.

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What’s Discord?

Discord is a chat program that has both text and voice chat capabilities.


Finally a reason to actually use my Discord lmao! Just joined! Pretty excited!!