I Surprisingly Love "Batman: Assault on Arkham"

So, this movie is…WAY better than the 2016 live action film. Animation is great, action is intense, perfect atmosphere/tone that manages to have some appropriate comedic fun.

I love Harley and Joker in this, all though I enjoyed all the other members of the Squad (side note: I wasn’t expecting a teased romance between King Shark and - well, anyone, let alone Killer Frost. But now, I am completely on board with it). Batman had the right role in this film, and some other nice cameos from Batman’s rogues gallery were great.

I need to discuss this with someone!


Assault on Arkham is pretty great in my opinion. Simple and effective story, which is perfect for the Suicide Squad. Loved the cast, the grittiness, and Matthew Gray Gubler was a fantastic choice for the Riddler. Still blows my mind that WB/DC had this template ready for their live action film and still dropped the ball story-wise.


I’ve always thought of this as “the REAL Suicide Squad movie” for a reason.


This is one of my favorite DC movies, and I also liked it much more than the DCEU version of the Suicide Squad.

The characters in Assault on Arkham feel more developed than the ones in Suicide Squad. Just watch the character introductions for each movie and you’ll see right away what I’m talking about.
In Assault, each team member is utilized and you can see how their special talents led to that character being chosen for the Arkham infiltration mission. In Suicide Squad, it often feels like Deadshot and Harley are the only characters that matter and the whole Enchantress mission seems like something that should have been left for Justice League Dark.


It’s better than the DCEU Suicide Squad, but I’m not really a massive fan. Glad you enjoyed it, though!

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The second one is really good also.


It takes place in the Batman Arkham video game universe (Arkhamverse). That’s reason enough for me to enjoy it! It takes place between Arkham Origins Blackgate and Arkham Asylum.


i must ADMIT this was good

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Same here

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If you liked assault on Arkham, try out hell to pay. I’m pretty sure it’s a sequel or at least it feels like it.


Here is what I love about it- villain protagonists. The movie never does what most versions do and try to tell us to root for these villains. The movie and the characters know and accept that they are the villains.

Meanwhile in the DCEU they save the world and do very little actual evil.