I say no to changing Dick Grayson to Ric

Do we really need to change his name to Ric? Seems a little silly. Are were gonna change Bruce and Alfred’s name? Come on DC walk it back.

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DC’s made some questionable choices lately. First they made Red Hood look like a scrapped Mortal Kombat character and now this?


I hope they step back and this becomes even shorter than Thr time Grayson was a secret agent. Which I loved the story but I think Dick Grayson is his name to change it is a little silly


I try not to criticize stories often because I’m a writer myself, but as a Dick Grayson fan I’ve been pretty bummed with the book since Seeley left. His name and personality/memories can’t come back soon enough.

I’m assuming this is only lasting a couple months until the story arc ends