I propose DC give Damian Wayne to Gail Simone

I want to see what Gail Simone can do with Damian Wayne. I want to see her take on Damian and Talia. Maybe a Raven doomed romance subplot. Bring back Scarlet. Good lord, Simone would nail Prof Pig.

In my mind, no Batman, Robin as the champion of an underground Gotham city of lost children, protecting prostitutes, runaways, latch key kids in his humorless efficiency. Simone would excel at that kind of world building (just no nonlinear editing).

Does anyone agree, disagree or want to workshop my pitch?


Personally, I’d love to never see Damian again, in any capacity. The only thing better would be for him to have never existed in the first place. I’d give Gail Simone something better to do.

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I think Damien is a tough character to get right. Tomeisi nails him while current Teen Titans is terrible. I trust Simone so I’d like to see her take


They get him wrong when they make him an arrogant child that’s in over his head. He’s always right, that’s part of why he can be so annoying.

The way to write him right is as a Spock character. We’re trying to find the Tin Man’s heart. His crazy cult training stripped his humanity out of him as a child, but his inner sense of right and wrong drives him to find his father and reinvent himself. He’s not there yet but he’s trying.

But i still think 666 is cannon.

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Tim Drake people hate him. It’s like the Kyle Rayner people, or the Wally West people, or the people that are still pissed Jason Todd is back from the dead.


I disagree. While the negative impact his huge push has had on Tim certainly factors into it, I just find him to be an intensely unlikable character.

I found him unlikeable in the battle for the cowl, but they wrote him wrong in that. When Grant Morrison writes him, i like him.

I find him unlikable, period. To each his/her own.

I havent read enough Gail Simone to really know how she’d write him, but I do think he needs a strong writer that really gets his character. My favorite versions of him are DCeased (thank you Tom Taylor <3) and Batman : Gates of Gotham


The first issue of secret six volume 3. The one in the gay cosplay nightclub. That to me is where Simone excels. Taking modern subculture, and re-imagining it in the super world. Like i said, City of lost Children, Mrs Frisbee and the rats of NHMN. A world lives right beneath our feet, but we don’t know about it because we aren’t invited.

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I would give Gail Simone a shot on any character. It would be interesting to see what direction she went in with the little snot (I mean that with love!).


I would think so!

I haven’t read enough of her work to make a definitive answer on wether or not I would be interested. But sure. Anything is better than the current Teen Titans!

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