I owe Kaley Cuoco an apology

I also apologize if this topic belongs elsewhere, buuut…

I feel this needs to be said. I owe Ms. Cuoco a very large apology. So here it is:

Ms. Cuoco,

I apologize for unfairly judging you for no other reason than not being Arleen Sorkin. You make a wonderful Quinn.

You see folks, I devoured the new Harley cartoon. It’s quite good. However, I almost didn’t. Simply because I had heard that Ms. Cuoco was going to voice the titular character. And the only thing I knew of the actress herself was that she was a character on the Big Bang Theory. A show I’ve never seen. So when I heard that, I immediately said something like, “well, that show is going to suck! The big bang lady is going to ruin it!” However, after giving in (like I could really stay away, it was HARLEY) and watching a few episodes I found that I had been an incredible ass. She was a wonderful and I almost missed out on a great series simply because as I came to realize I was voicing a prejudice against a person I was in no way familiar with. I had no problem with her acting or any of the shows she’s been on. How could I? I hadn’t really seen them that I was aware of, so how was I so sure that she would ruin this show? I’m not a celebrity watcher or anything like that so I wasn’t even familiar with her as a person. I simply decided that she would be horrible because the voice that was coming out of the animated character she was voicing on the screen wasn’t the same voice as the one that came out of the character from the batman animated series of my childhood. So again, Ms. Cuoco I apologize. You are a great Harley Quinn and I can’t wait to see more of your work on the series!

That being said, I would like to know who else among us has judged a show or movie unfairly based on nostalgia or something else?

Tell me the What/Who and if your up for it what changed your mind! Thanks in advance!


Weeellll …there were always my feelings about a certain Michael Keaton and a certain Caped Crusader, a few decades ago. Just goes to show, what they say about books and their covers.

Nuff Said!


I wasn’t upset she was casted or anything, but I was concerned that I would just hear Penny from Big Bang Theory. I did at first but as the show went on she became Harley Quinn. I enjoyed that show a whole lot, it is one of my favorites now.


She needs to play a live action Harley Quinn. Only then will the world be a better place!


Nobody will top Margot Robbie

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That version of Batman was fine to me…his Bruce Wayne though? Eesh… I was always vaguely disturbed by his Bruce…dunno why


Must’ve been an interesting hurdle to get past! Once it clicked in my brain that the Progressive box and Jerry Smith were the same voices it could no longer separate the two…

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