I Need Some “Uplifting” Comic Suggestions!

I haven’t been on here very actively lately because as some of you seen I found out in November my father has terminal cancer. I did not react very well and am currently trying to put myself back together. That said I am spending more time reading and trying to relax the mind and enjoy (as much as possible) some good stories. I’ve read all of my favorite girl Harley’s stories which are usually very fun! Lol Do any of you have some fun, funny, uplifting comics/stories to suggest? I need some feel good in my life!!! :grin:


I’m sorry to hear about the circumstances behind this request, but let me see what we can find…

Have you read any Ambush Bug? It’s perfect if you need to laugh at a little absurdity.

  1. Ambush Bug
  2. Son of Ambush Bug

I haven’t read them yet myself, but I’ve heard good things about Gotham Academy and that Connor/Palmiotti run of Starfire (hopefully someone with firsthand experience can weigh in). Batman: Gotham Adventures has BTaS vibes, and a bunch involve more lighthearted action.

If you don’t mind heading Marvel way, Squirrel Girl is another one I haven’t read but have heard good things about.

Sorry that’s a lot of vague recs!

Edit: and I really hope that game went well for you guys


It did he had a blast lots of free food and drinks! He was right down behind the team. He was so happy. He brought home a new football and hoodie for my son :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I haven’t even heard of it! I’m gonna check it out!!


I’m so glad that worked out! Kudos to you for pulling it together and the team/manager for making it happen. :two_hearts:


I hope we can help you find a little escape! I think of you every day and try to send good thoughts to you and your family.

Alexander and Pink made great suggestions already, and I’d add Teen Titans Go! if you like cartoony silliness (it reminds me of the comics in Nickelodeon Magazine, if we’re in the same age range!), and there’s a Plastic Man series that I’ll link to when I get on pc!

this one’s in the same “Nickelodeon” vein: DC Universe

this one’s more serious, but it’s Plastic Man written by Gail Simone, so :grin: DC Universe


Ik everyone is different but I usually enjoy funny themed comics. Like Super children the ones about superman and batman’s sons. Or alot of young justice and teen titans comics have more light hearted adventures. Serious too but still


As for cartoons good old fashioned super friends is literally never a downer super cheeseball but sounds like that’s what your looking for. Teen titans go is also great for short funny adventures.


Thank you so much for you thoughts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: we are staying positive chemo hasn’t shrank anything but it has kept it from spreading anymore for now so the doctors call it a victory! He’s positive and keeps thinking positively.

Everyone has had awesome suggestions I can’t wait to dig in!! Comics are really helpful to get my mind in another place, I’m so grateful to have access to the collection I do with this app!


I hope your dad gets better and it was good reading the doctors are happy with the chemo. Some lighthearted reading that I have found recently is The Batman Adventures, specifically issue 12.


First of all, I’m so sorry! Losing a parent isn’t easy. Getting the diagnosis that it is terminal and nothing can be done is unbelievably tragic. Try to hang in there.

Answering your question…

Power Girl by Amanda Conner
Ambush Bug
Justice League International (starts as JLA in 1988)
Justice League Europe
Young Justice by Peter David

Be strong, friend!

Edit: Sorry. Info in my brain was wrong & JLA began in 87. Old!


If your looking for something hopeful, I would recommend checking out All Star Superman because of how hopeful it can be or Ambush Bug, I haven’t read it but I have heard good things about it and that it’s very funny

and in the words of Bob Dylan “You gotta keep on keeping on” Be strong


Starfire does seem like a good choice.

Have you tried the current Shazam or Power of Shazam?


Shazam and the monster society of evil is a good idea


I will second that one, too.


First @Dcgoddessofmayhem, my prayers go out to you and your family. I hope everything can work out in the best way possible.

As for the topic, the Starfire ongoing is bright and chipper (from what I remember) so that’s a definite book to keep in mind.

If you’d like a tale that emphasizes the importance of family and how a family united can overcome triumphant obstacles, the “Son of Superman” arc from the 2016-2018 volume of Superman is a winner. It consists of Superman: Rebirth #1 and Superman #'s 1-6. In addition to its theme of family, it’s also a great ride full of escapist fun.


I can speak on behalf of Starfire but I still haven’t gotten to Gotham Academy. I’ve heard all great things from all the right people on here. So I’m going to read it 4 sure. I’m kind of saving it as an Ace in the Hole.


Plastic Man is always a good choice for humor.


Our prayers are with you @Dcgoddessofmayhem. Check out the Batman ‘66 comics. Can’t beat the Bright Knight.