I need my Wildstorm heroes back!!!

The new 52 had wildstorm characters peppered through the DCU. Then they just vanished. I want them back, the new Wildstorm series is ok, but it’s as if it’s in an entirely different universe. I want the titans to hang with Gen 13, WildCATS to spare with the Suicide Squad, The Authority To tussle with the Justice League!!! Come on DC make this happen!!!


Go team 7

The Wildstorm characters are on a completely different universe. With their heavy convoluted history, it’s hard for these characters to intermingle into Prime Earth in a continuity correct way. Maybe in the future, but probably not for a while

Well actually there was a reboot of Wildstorm in 2017, called The Wildstorm, that I knew about but got buried by a lot of other stuff, I was watching, reading, and playing. There are solicits for January and February so I don’t believe it has been cancelled.

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It hasn’t. The Wildstorm will run for it’s full, planned 24 issue run (I think it’s 24 at least).

Anyhow, Ellis hinted at the WildC.A.T.S in The Wildstorm and Grifter and Zealot were in it too, so was the guy that ran Stormwatch. He’s said to have things for them in mind.

I’m all for the classic characters coming back as well as new characters. It’s amazing how wildly underrated the Wildstorm brand and its characters/franchises are as there are some seriously wonderful things within it. Very, very wonderful.


I generally like Warren Ellis; however, I had never read the old Wildstorm characters when they were first out. I did follow the 2017 series for about 14 issues, but I had a difficult time following the plot line.

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I had always hoped during the new 52, Jim Lee & Geoff Johns would have done a WildCATS series. It would have been neat to see a DC character part of the team. Really spice things up. See WildCATS team up with other teams. I was so sad it never happened.

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That would have been neat to see a New 52 iteration of the WildC.A.T.S, especially since a good portion of the classic team was in other titles. Spartan popped up in Team 7, Voodoo and Grifter had their own titles, Zealot was in the first N52 Deathstroke series, I think Ladytron popped up somewhere, Warblade was in The Ravagers, etc. Helspont was a Superman villain too, briefly.

I’d like to see Grant Morrison and Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.S title finally get off the ground. Too bad it’s only one issue.

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Any and all Wildstorm action welcome. Bump to get all the Wildstorm imprints on DCU!