I Miss Wesley Dodds Sandman

am i the only one who really misses Wesley Dodds sandman? the most recent book that he was in was new 52’s earth 2 run, but he was barely in that. I’d like to see him some how get integrated into rebirth, or do something to make him more popular. I hate that he’s so obscure that when im talking about him, i have to specify “not Neil Gaiman’s sandman” because whenever i say sandman that’s what everybody thinks about. i just want more Wesley Dodds stories…


I agree, it would be cool. He appears briefly on StarGirl (at least I’m pretty sure it’s Dodds) as the sandman, maybe we will get to see more of him in that, or eventually maybe we will see a new version of Sandman on the show like they are doing with the rest of the JSA. Hopefully that will spur some interest in writing more Dodds comics.


Oh cool! im assuming youre referring to the Stargirl show? If so, thats a great way of the mainstream audience learning of his existence


yep! They showed the JSA sandman in the very first episode briefly (I wont give away how but if you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out)

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For sure! I’ll definitely check it out, now knowing that he makes an appearance


The owner of my LCS and I were just talking about how much we missed Sandman Mystery Theatre last Wednesday. Many fond memories of that book. Wesley and Dian are still one of the most amazing couples in comic history.

DC tried putting out thick trades of the complete series a few years back, but it was cancelled with the second or third volume – presumably due to not enough interest or orders. This is too bad. I would love to have this entire series collected in a similar fashion to how Hellblazer is currently being reissued.

Wesley is a fantastic character, but he seems to forever fall beneath the radar of most comic readers. I sincerely believe, however, that a TV series based on the Sandman Mystery Theatre format would be an incredibly entertaining show.


Right there with you guys.

Wesley Dodds is one of my very favorite DC heroes.

EDIT: On this service, I have been reading All-Star Comics from the 1940s and it killed me when Wesley switched over to that hideous yellow and purple costume. I love Jack Kirby but even The King gets it wrong once in a while and that costume switch was one of his biggest errors, by my reckoning.


I miss Wesley Dodds too. I thoroughly enjoyed Sandman Mystery Theatre, as well as the few Golden Age stories I have read. I really wish he was better known. He is a fascinating character, as well as one of DC’s earliest superheroes (appearing all the way back in 1939). I certainly think he has been underused in the past few years!


Great character! Loved his appearances in the Jack Knight Starman series, particularly.

He is in the latest issue of Hawkman on this site.


Random, but in the Neil Gaiman Sandman audiobook on Audible, Dodds makes a cameo with a really fun old-school radio drama feel.

It’s super short but definitely made me smile.