I’m So Confused…Year of the Villain to Justice League 40

So I’m catching up on Justice League and the whole Year of The Villain event so I can buy and read Death Metal. I’ve read the last issue 39 and the Hell Risen event, but how does it end? Like why is issue 40 so…back to normal. Like the event never happened. Am I missing something?

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After the writer switch it goes back in time to before hell arisen. The story continues in Death Metal.

So 40 and after take place before The Year of The Villain event? O.o

It’s set before Scott Snyder’s entire run according to him. It’s not required to understand Death Metal because it goes straight from #39 to Death Metal #1.

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Yeah, JL #39 is the end of his JL run. DC was stuck with roughly 14 issues of time before Death Metal started, so they had to fill that time. Some of the stories are great, and some of the stories aren’t. Generally, it’s filler. JL #52 starts the Death Metal Tie-in arc.


I’m confused too. What should I read before I start YotV?

Justice League (2018) #1-25
That’s it.

And then you need to read the series before their tie-in. But realize, only a couple of the stories are must reads. Batman who Laughs #1-7, and Batman/Superman #1-6.

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