I’m disappointed that DC Universe is taking movies away already

The 1989 - 1997 Batman movies have already been removed :slightly_frowning_face:

I want to see content ADDED, not taken away!

Add Ruby Spears Superman 1988), Ruby Spears The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show (1979), live action Shazam (1974-1976), animated Shazam (1981-1982), Filmation’s New Adventures of Batman (1977), Filmation Superman (1966-1970)

Don’t take stuff away!


DC has great characters, but, the brains up top dont seem to have much in that department.
They dont really have $8 worth of material, so, taking stuff away ALREADY cant be good.


What the hell? I thought the whole point of this what to have this to watch whenever we wanted to. I’m watching the DC animated movies in order and some are missing and if they take some away I’m cancelling.


This is not right DC…You are not starting out correctly. Wake up, before people start unsubscribing in the future.


Dude, it has been said on here in our faces that some of those Batman movies are only here for Batman month. I get that they should have some more things on here, but everyone complains and does not know how things work. I have my shows and movies I want on here too, but Hulu and even Netflix weren’t great when they first came out. Give it time.


They only had the Batman series up for the month of Batman day as a celebration and as a sort of kick-off to the app. They’re going to revolve their content as they have to have stuff to add onto later, and so naturally some things won’t be on here forever. I really hope they continue posting the take off dates on the covers of the films as that was really nice that I was able to discern how much time I had to dedicate to other things before that time and I could procrastinate watching something until the last minute while trying to get through the stuff I really want to get through first.

I agree. My thoughts was that we were getting more and it doesn’t seem like it. Also the AppleTv app is not working correctly. Hope they fix it.

I don’t think that we should compare the start of DCU with that of Netflix or Hulu. Netflix and Hulu were here in the beginning of the streaming age. They set the precedent. Examples have been set. If a service like DCU comes out NOW, when we consumers have our expectations established, they are responsible for not completely failing us in the quantity and quality of what they offer.

You can watch Batman 1989 on Vudu free with ads. DC has the movies licensed out to other streaming services/premium channels and they set up deals to have them for Batman day. It’s not as easy as just putting it on the service. They have to deal with rights and royalties. I’m sure those movies will be back. They did say from the start that those Batman movies were brought on specifically for Batman day and they even included dates for when they’d be taken off of the service.

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@CaseyTheHobo: Personally I never automatically expect something that is new to necessarily be of the same quality as something that has been around for years and that has therefore had years to build itself up to that level of quality and credibility. Basing expectations on something like Netflix, Hulu or even Marvel Unlimited who have already long ago passed this stage in their development is a bit erroneous in my opinion. Its fine to want this to be like those other things but I honestly can’t think of any streaming service that came into being as a complete entity or without any of the issues that are on this one.

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Legends $8 must go a lot further for you than me lol. I agree it’s odd to take stuff away so fast but their is licensing to deal with and with limited material maybe they decided it was best to switch stuff in and out rather than put everything on and than have nothing new to add later?

I assume whatever deal they had with Vudu, which for all we know was in the process of being done before the streaming service, is why those movies were only on for September.

That being said, while all streaming services at least from time to time remove stuff due to licensing and the like, there is a finite number of DC Movies out there of good quality that are not considered “so bad it’s good” at best, and the Batman movies, at least the first two were of the limited number of older ones that were considered quality movies. So I don’t think that having them up for that short of a time, especially in their initial month launched as a good thing. The advantage of streaming services is you can watch things at your leisure and while they did sufficiently let everyone one know there were not sticking around, unlike some of their comic books, I don’t think the amount of time something is up should be measured in weeks. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and that was not a good first impression.