I’m curious on the Superboy TV show?

I’m really curious on the Superboy TV show never watched it ; I didn’t even know it existed until I got this app. I am just curious is it a product of its time. Is the stories good because I know back then the producers didn’t take comic book material seriously until Tim Burton’s Batman. So please tell me your opinion and is it worth a watch?


I would say start with the second season. It’s when Gerard Christopher took over the role and when Sherman Howard took over as Lex. The first two episodes may be a little tough to get through but the continues to get better from season two to the very end.

In fact, they did X-Files-esque stories before the X-Files was a thing.

But I will say that yes, it is dated in some parts. It was a weekly syndicated show so you’ll have to remember the limitations they had. That being said, seeing how they push the boundaries of those limits is amazing.


It is from the producers of the first three Christopher Reeve Superman films and the spin-off film Supergirl, so your feelings about those movies (especially the sequels) will probably tell you how you’ll feel about the TV show.


@AlexanderKnox thanks for letting me know the Superman movies were good I watched Supergirl one time and I don’t really remember it.


Also @superby1 thank you for the heads up why did they switch actors ; let me guess money.


Ummm…it’s a bit of a complicated story. But out of the two of them, Gerard Christopher is my favorite.

You know what? If you haven’t started already, I’d actually recommend season 2, episodes 6-7 with Bizarro. The make up, especially for the time is amazing and I really like their take on Bizarro.


That’s usually not a good sign when asking for show recommendations. :laughing:


I know you didn’t ask me but should note that there are a lot of different stories going around. Originally the story was that the original actor got arrested for drug possession I think it was and the show fired him fearing it was bad press. Although the actor denies that was the reason. The overall opinion these days I believe is that he was re-cast mostly because the producers were not impressed with his performance.

As for my take on the show as I actually watched it when it first aired and re-watched it after I joined DC Universe.

The show I think more or less for the time takes Superman seriously. There are some cheesy episodes especially in season 2, but they borrowed quite a bit from the Superboy comics, including an episode with Lex Luthor that took some scenes almost directly from the panels of an old Superboy comic. So they definitely had respect for the source material even though they did very much do their own thing as a whole.

Also while nothing like now a days where almost every episode of a comic book series borrows a villain or other character from the comics. They did have several villains from the comics in it which for the time was pretty rare as if shows were based on comics most felt bringing in too many comic characters and elements was going to turn off non comic fans. So it was refreshing for the time to see so many villains adapted, even though they brought in several of their own creations as well (although honestly, I wish more shows would do that more often now).

But the show does definitely show it is dated. It also was syndicated and at the time syndicated shows were made on a very low budget. Especially season 1. The early season 1 episodes were made on an insanely low budget I believe as it was rushed out to keep the tv rights to the character active. And it definitely shows.

The other big thing is that they changed a lot to the point it almost felt like 3 or 4 different shows. I don’t know how many spoilers you want so won’t go into too much detail. But aside from the actor playing Superboy changing between season 1 and 2, the actor playing Lex Luthor also changed after season 1 (and there is no secret behind that one, the producers re-cast him after season 1 because the actor who played him in season 1 was well… not great in the role).

They also replaced one of their only two other main characters with a new character in season 2 and got a lot lighter hearted. Most will agree season 2 was better, but season 1 was more grounded and gritty causing a big tonal change.

Season 3 they made big changes both with characters leaving after season 2 and new ones coming in and a huge change in the setting, and the tone was also a lot different. Binge watching it can come off a bit jarring.

I do think it is worth watching but it is a product of their time and a show that went through a lot of changes in it’s relatively short run. My suggestion is start with an episode or two in the later seasons and see what you think. Then binge watch it if you like it.

But starting with season 1… most obviously do that and as a result most don’t make it past season 1 as that is not the show at it’s best by any means.


I’m blaming insomnia for being up this late. I have to say the people on here I have said before and I would say it again; comic book people are some of the most overall nice and would do absolutely anything they can to help a person out. I know I just asked about a show but reading some of the comments show genuine respect and a care for a complete stranger it blows my mind. I swear if DC ever did a DC Universe meetup I know I would meet complete strangers five minutes later people walk in thinking you guys have known each other for five years. This app has renewed my faith in humanity a couple of times.


I don’t know I tell people to skip seasons 1 and 2 of The Next Generation and that is (as a whole) a wonderful series.


Believe me, I know how weird that sounds lol

This is the rare exception to the rule. They chained most of the main cast minus Stacy Haiduk as Lana, they were gradually shifting away from Shuster University and the budget increased just a smidge. I think seasons 3 and 4 are stronger and also where they found their footing but season 2 is an excellent place to start as a lot of recurring characters show up in the second season.


I was never able to watch the show completely until watching it on DC Universe. I started from the beginning, and I’m glad I did because you get the context, personality, and growth of the characters. Plus there is connection to the other seasons.

I found the show quite charming, there are many episodes they took the character Superman/Clark seriously, but they also knew not to get too serious with the cheesy humor episodes. Plus you get great episodes from “Road Not Taken” (aka Red Son) to Bizarro. I’m biased when it comes to Bizarro. I think my fondness for his character actually came from this show when I was little. It did take me a while to get used to their version of Lex, but by the time I got to the end of the show I actually warmed up to their interpretation.

In the end, I’m glad I watched the complete series because there are some great aspects about the show.