I Love Nu’Bia, Black Wonder Woman. Why Isn’t DC Even Trying to Debut Her in an Animated Movie or Series?

I found on Google Chrome about Wonder Woman’s black twin sister, Nu’Bia was debut in February 1973. Fanart create Nu’Bia version of dread hair and afro hair was beautiful. Why doesn’t even debut in animated movie of Wonder Woman or animated series for perfect character of Wonder Woman saga.


I found this today so I came here to DCU to search for the issue she appeared in. I couldn’t find it.

It’s not a movie but she has a new book coming out next year. I hope to delve a little deeper into her story to see if I can learn more.

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Id be all for a Nubia show. DC seems reluctant to give Diana her own cartoon or another live action show. So just letting Nubia take the spotlight sounds like a smart alternative.