I love DCUniverse 😊

I just wanted to appreciate DCUniverse. I stumbled upon this short collection of episodes called “The Batmen”. It had Denny O’ Neil and Neil Adams commentating on their experiences on how they helped shaped Batman’s destiny. Gosh it was beautiful to watch. I am so grateful to DC Comics for bringing this service to us because it has treasures like these for us fans that is just so special that it doesn’t feel like a simple subscription or a business deal. DCUniverse has something special for us with DC Daily, behind-the-scenes-stuff, a history lesson like “The Batmen”, and I’m sure for us fans these things trump any of the Ongoing streaming wars. Thank you DCUniverse. Thank you so much for coming to us :slight_smile:


I completely agree :+1:


I second that. Having access to all the comics is wonderful, but it is little extras like this, made for the fans, that keep me a subscriber. What a delightful series, I hope they make more!



You are exactly right, THIS is the type of content we want and need.
informative, uplifting and funny!
The stuff of my childhood dreams.
Bravo DC Universe!!


wow. gotta go watch that now.


I’m creating a character for DC that I hope one day will make the cut in the DC Universe. :blush:

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