I Love DC Daily! hbu?

I have been loving the DC Daily episodes a lot lately. I remember in the beginning launch I felt it dragged, but because I wanted the news on it I watched. Now I totally miss when there were a lot more hour long episodes. I can’t get enough of the DC Daily panel. It seems like they have gotten to know each other better so the fun just comes more naturally.

Does anybody feel the same? Rather just have them dish out the latest news and that’s it? Or do you enjoy their skits and banter?



I miss the news. I liked hearing about upcoming comics and ahows.
The panel is great when they’re discussing something I’m familiar with. Unfortunately it’s usually a comic I’ve never read or a show I’ve never seen, so I lose interest.


I personally like the old way better. Where they lead with the news then interviews. They then end the show with either discussion on comics or movie. The show just flowed better

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Both great points!

It would be awesome if they discussed more newer comics, which I know that can pose a lot of problems with spoliers and revenue, but maybe like one day out of the week we vote for them to discuss something thats on DC Universe.

Take the weekend for instance. Nothing really goes happens on Saturday or Sunday in terms on content. So what if there were to be like a vote out of maybe 4 choices for something a couple of weeks in advance. if you want them to talk about something you interested in.