I liked Identity Crisis.


My brother doesn’t like it. Says it’s a collection of how to have a crisis story in comics. Although I agree the rape scene went like three panels too far, I understand the purpose of sending the story that direction.
My favorite thing is the shared dirty little secret within the league that just gets dirtier and dirtier as Wally inquiries. Even Batman? Wow. I don’t know if they are out of character, because I wasn’t into comics much back then, but the secret was spilled for all the wrong reasons.
At first I didn’t like Ray’s wife being the killer. But it grew on me as I read. When she was committed to Arkham, I liked it a lot more. Why? Because of one person’s mental instability, the league nearly fell apart, five important people died that I recall, and Dr. Light got his memories back.
Overall, I enjoyed Identity Crisis. Felt heavy. Intense. Raw. Yet, never vulgar. That rape scene was on the edge though.
One question: what issues should I read to follow up on this story? I want to know what Dr. Light does.


I read this last night for the first time and thought it was really good. Who was guilty and the other secrets were a big surprise too.


I seem to recall Doctor Light joins in with other groups of villains for all the 52 and later Final Crisis fun
Beyond that, Jean Loring becomes Eclipso and later brought back to life for Blackest Night. Batman starts up something called the omac project which is pretty bizarre stuff all because he is sure that somebody messed with his mind

Same here, I really like both Identity Crisis and Cry For Justice.