I like this DC Universe app and I think it's still expanding 😃 anyway, Dr. Manhattan vs Superman One Million, random encounter, who wins?

Dr. Manhattan vs Superman Prime One Million

Would it even be a contest? Couldn’t Dr. M turn the air (or everything) into Kryptonite? Bye, bye Supes!


Well since Superman 1M is omniversal being and has the powers of a 5 dimension entity, he wins. Dr. M also doesn’t have any feats against actual supers/metas.

Even regular Superman is affected by molecular disruptors and resisted a cosmic storm by Myx (who’s much more powerful than Dr.M) that transmuted anything it touched into Red Kryptonite.

Superman 1M FTW.

*is not affected by molecular disruptors…sheesh… DC Universe please add a way to edit posts

@redd yeah this app seems to be still in early development stages, and that is kind of frustrating because im paying for it now

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