I like Harley Quinn but...(Archer)

I like Harley Quinn but, I keep seeing it as “Archer” for the DC universe. I hope the writers are ready for such a standard. So far ‘no’. But it sometimes takes time for a show up to speed. I am enjoying how Poison Ivy is playing off of Harley.


Holey Moley, that makes me think…

What Gotham Villian should Jon Benjamin voice?

I say clayface, but when he pretends to be someone else through clay morphing, it’s still just Jon Benjamin doing impressions badly.


Hadn’t thought of that. Good call.

I think with it being animated and less costly then live-action
Unless it head dives into a stack of brick, which it hasn’t done so far. I think it’ll get a 2nd season.


Most shows are taking from others in some way and seeing how it works for them

I could see Jon Benjamin as any of the following:

-Hugo Strange
-Killer Moth
-King Tut
-Condiment King


Omg i can see him as Hugo Strange. Just following Batman and yelling “Bruce…BRUCE…BRUCE” With the Archer style.

Proving that Harley is the better psychologist, would be the plot of the episode.


Heh, had a good evening last night DeSade? :beer:

H Jon Benjamin as Gaggy, Joker’s original sidekick.


So would appear, and so glad there is an edit button to now make it intelligible. :+1:

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Don’t get me wrong when I commented about the show not being up yo the “Archer” standard. I see so many [delightfully stupid] funny things they could do with this show. I hope they do. Good ideas all, you guys.

I think it would be too much to hope that they could arrange for the actual Archer on the show as a bumbling cop/detective, but having him as a villain would be just as good

I also love Alan Tudyk as the Joker. LOL! I see Joker and think, Mr. Nobody having to deal with Quinn eccentricities. I’m sure that was intentional, as well as they have him on the payroll already.

Joker shows up with Gaggy, who is eating Arby’s (for those unaware, Benjamin does ads for them).

Gaggy falls for Harley and tells her he can get her all the free Arby’s she could ever want. This pisses Joker off to no end.

oh definitely Killer Moth.

The wings would definitely add a nice touch

I vote for Gaggy! OMG i had completely forgotton about him!

I think that it can live up to that standard. Archer is a great show, but so far harley quinn has been excellent. Also, the voice talent behind it puts it in that premium animation category. Hopefully H. Jon Benjamin will voice a character in harley quinn!