I Like Batman The Brave and The Bold

I was very skeptical of this show during the time it was on air because I was such a die-hard Timm/Dini-verse fan. So I finally watched it on Netflix when it was available but I didnt get to finish the whole show.
Im happy that this show is on this platform, because I thoroughly enjoyed this show.

If your a skeptic, give this show a shot. Its not to be taken serious but there are alot of innuendos that adults would only catch. What I love about this show is that it showcases different themes and it utilizes or showcases lesser-known characters introduced in the earlier days of comics.

From a former skeptic, dont knock it til you watch it.


Me too. When it originally hit I didnt give it a chance, looked too childish. Thank God for my nephew, he insisted I watch a few episodes and I immediately started to hate myself for being so dismissive of it. Sadly, it was in its final season. It is hilarious. It’s fun and self aware while still respecting the characters, fans, and silver age lore. One of the many reasons not to be too precious about how these characters are portrayed, we lost great show because many “fans” trashed it for not being the “Timmverse”.
Thinking about it all now, I would love a season 4 on this app.


I love it! Underrated


I have just finished my rewatch of YJ and am now going through the DC animated features but the Brave and The Bold is next on my list. It looks awesome but I have no knowledge of it except the musical episode.

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Watched it from when it started until it’s end. It’s a ton of fun!


That show was my child hood it was one of the reasons i got this my friend hate it and i love it. one of the few things we disagree on. P.S.he has never given the show a chance he thought it was childish and stupid

It’s the one DC animated show I’ve seen more then any other. I’ve seen every episode over 20xs probably 30-40 range tbh.