I kinda just want to complain a bit

Hello fellow “Titans” lovers. i just have a few gripes i need to get off my chest, for as good as the production quality is there is always room for improvement.

  1. the pacing feels like a mixed bag.
    sometimes we get these beautiful character moments. Sometimes we get twisted ideas of who the characters are.

  2. the tone feels very edge heavy.
    which is fitting in some cases but very obviously forced in most others. ( im not asking for like happy go lucky titans but The Garth episode had so much of what i was looking for with these new titans)

  3. The team splits up way to often and it hurts the story so much
    Grayson i understand wanting to handling things on his own sometimes but the team dynamic suffers for most of the season. Rachel, i think suffers the most from this because she really shines when she brings everyone together. as well as Gar he the light in the titans but it feels like the show wants to snuff that out a bit.

  4. I would like more heroics. season 1 tackled this a bit better but most of season 2 was their internal drama which is all fine an dandy but being a hero is how they cope how they learn . when we don’t see that it just feels like a cycle of doubt and second guessing

These are not huge problems and i absolutely love this show, I just want more of the Hero aspect a little more hope in the dark!!! lets take it one problem at a time!!! Theres a lot to unpack for these charracters and im excited to see more

chants LONGER SEASONS lol kidding… alil


I agree with your third and fourth points. Hopefully in season 3 they stick together, all get costumes and there a bit more action. I do like the show.

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Season 2 is more of a teen melodrama and not a superhero comicbook.

i believe someone had a similar post so i will give you my thoughts for improving the show like i did for him.

Things Titans can do to improve update

Number 1 Fix the Pacing: this show especially season 2 has some really bad pacing issues. things either go by to fast or to slow. for example characters go through sudden changes for seemingly no reason other then to move the plot. Dick and Bruce relationship despite all their supposed bad blood get completely resolved with one conversation in the first episode. Hank and Dawn have a drug problem which comes out of nowhere and was never mentioned in season 1 at all. then Hank suddenly breaks up with Dawn because he doesn’t like the them together hurting people as superheroes because one person died. this is all happened in the span of two scenes. After Elis’s sister berated them. if Hank felt guilty over Elis death then this should have been shown over time as something that made him feel uncomfortable. it seems the writers and the characters forgot about Elis death and worked it in at the last minute as a way to get Hank and Dawn to break up. Aqua Lad has a one sided romance with Wonder Girl but because we have to wrap up this flashback suddenly she has feelings for him too? seems more like a way to make his death have some kinda stakes, despite their relationship being rushed and not well fleshed out. and this is just three examples of pacing issues.

Number 2 Improve Character Arcs: like i mentioned in my original post season 2 has too many characters but doesn’t dedicate enough time to them. Beast Boy despite getting some more screen time hasn’t gone through an arc. season 2 only reinforced hes lonely and seeks companionship but thats really it. maybe they could do something more with him like explain why he wants to be a Titan for example, did the Chief from the Doom Patrol inspire his desire to want to be a hero? like how the chief helps ppl maybe thats why he wants to help people to? who knows they never explore this Beast boy just wants to be a hero just because. Raven also feels like she hasnt had much of arc. she just feels like a deus ex machina for the writers getting the plot delivered to her in visions. there are seeds of an arc like here hanging out with those runaway girls but this plot gets dropped like a hat which brings me to my next point.

Number 3 DONT have Too many plot points. this show is starting to rival Daredevil season 2 with to many plot points going on at once. in no specific order: Robin wants to bring the Titans back together. Deathstroke wants to break them up, Robin breaks up the titans, Rose and Jason hook up, Rose is secretly a spy. superboy has his origin told, superboy goes on a rampage against Cadmus. Superboy attack police officers who he thought were bad guys. Jericho origin told. Jericho secretly alive. Raven leaves her friends. Raven joins homeless girls. raven leaves homeless girls at the drop of a hat. Dr light is freed from Prison. Dr lights origins get lightly explained (no pun intended) Dr light is killed by deathstroke as a warning to the titans. Beast boy gets captured by cadmus beast boy gets brain controlled to kill people. i mean it just goes on and on without being a cohesive story.

I believe they should also make it 15 episodes, Look at Doom Patrol that show manged to flesh out all the heroes and even main villain and even let them go through a character arc while being far more cohesive despite the campy tone. and that show is made by some of the same writers as this show…if Doom Patrol can do it…and do it well so can this show.

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Doom Patrol had 6 (Larry, Rita Cliff, Jane, Vic & Mr. Nobody) main characters, we really didn’t much development on the Chief.
Titans has 11. (Grayson, Raven, Gar, Kori, Donna, Dawn, Hank, Jason, Rose, Slade & Jericho. We’ll say Mercy, Connor and Krypto weren’t main characters.) I will grant you, having 11 was a bad idea to begin with. It’s just a question of sheer minutes available. They really need to thin the herd on heroes. Gar’s arc is just really simplistic. He wants family. Which is why the brain tampering is good, even if it is a trope. Rachel sort of is an emotional pinball so her being all over the place fits. For as much Kori backstory as we got, she still seems so underdeveloped as a character. Hank we could just lose all together & the same with Jason. Rose was simply a plot device, they actually gave her character to much development. Frankly, get rid of Kori for season 3, let her go back and take care of her black fire biz, get rid of Jason, Hank & Rose. Let Dawn stick around for the first few episodes and have her go back to Hank…again. Bring Connor back and now you’ve got 7 and a single villain. That’s 8. Much more manageable.

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Those two things are hardly mutually exclusive. The classic (i.e. pre-90s) X-Men issues and the 80s New Teen Titans stories were loaded with teen melodrama.


Conner was a main character because Joshua Orpin is a Series Regular.

Chella Mann, on the other hand, was a Recurring Guest Star, so Jericho wasn’t a “main character”.

Your main characters are generally your Series Regulars, and, in the rare cases where there’s a ‘main character’ who isn’t a Series Regular, the actor playing said character is usually ‘upped’ to Series Regular status either during the current season or for subsequent seasons.

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