I just watched Pennyworth on epix!

I just watched the first 3 eps of the TV show Pennyworth, which just started on epix, and can I just say; wow, wow, WOW! It was amazing a f! It’s an origin of the relationship between Alfred Pennyworth, Martha Kane and Thomas Wayne, set in the swingin’ 60’s in England, after Alfred gets out of the SAS. I really recommend it, and hope that DC adds it to the library of shows that we can watch like they did Krypton, because it’s fully worthy.


Oh man I just watched the first eps. it was great! I was not excited for this show and didn’t have any expectations but WOW that first eps. was great I can’t wait to watch the rest.


just finished the first 3 eps. Holy Cow this show is good so far.


I love when shows like this have Easter egg-type details that fans can dig into, whether they’re Canon relevant or incidental. In this, they are having Alfred’s accent be like Michael Caine when he played Alfred, which is awesome. Randomly, that Sykes woman is named (I’d bet big money) after bill Sykes, Fagin’s enforcer in Oliver twist. I hope DC embraces some of the background details they’re putting in this show as Canon going forward in the comics, love everything about the show so far…


I watched the first one, good but not good enough to pay for Epix.

I discovered Epix streaming is free is you have Spectrum internet, so started watching. :wink:

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