I just want to thank DC for the new books.

We were incredibly harsh on them as a community when the app first launched for the way they were rolling out content but it seems they are getting it now.

I’m definitely going to sink my teeth into some of the newer stuff like Hal Jordan and the GLC and Tom King’s omega men.

Thanks again DCU. Show your love for appreciate for them guys.


On behalf of the team that made it happen, you’re welcome. And thank you (and other early adopters) for letting us know what you wanted to see from the service. DC fans are passionate, and community forums were included as a pillar of the service so that we could get that direct line of feedback. So long as it’s constructive and heartfelt (and bonus points if it’s hilarious), we’re okay with criticism :slight_smile:

Happy reading! :heart:


Yes, thank you very much! Youse all bad mammajammas =)


Thankyou to all the DC stuff from Customer service, Mods, Tiffany Smith and the DC cast members, Thankyou all so much! Now what should I read next? :grinning:

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Yea, thank you so much, we didn’t appreciate you guys, but now i have so much to read, and I’m super excited for it!!

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I’ve been a very vocal critic about the comic section since launch, but you guys crushed it. My lists are full and I couldn’t be happier.


I am so much happier with the selection and complete series/arcs. Please keep striving to bring us more comics content. Older, newer, the works. It is well appreciated :slightly_smiling_face::metal::+1:

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Thank you! There were some bumps in the road but this is completely new and I’m happy they’re figuring it out. This service is getting better and better.


Thank you!! Love this app and will a subscriber as long as they let me. Worth every penny! The comic selection is amazing. My biggest issue with the app is not having enough time to use it more!

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Awesome! We’re glad to hear you guys are enjoying the content! :smiley:

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