I just want to give a big thankyou to the community.

The mods always respond. And everyone is always nice, thankyou for making me feel like i’m apart of the universe.

A BIG Thanks to everyone.


You are very welcome!

We’re glad to have you here and hope you continue enjoying every moment spent crawlin’ the boards, enjoying the content, and hangin’ out with your fellow fans.

Let us know if you need anything! :blush:


You’re welcome and thank you :slight_smile:

I like your profile pic BTW. Jason Fabok’s art is badass.

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Thanks man

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Your welcome and this is a great community. I remember reading an early prediction about the DCU and the reviewer predicting by this time the forums would have degenerated into trolls and Snyder Cut conspiracy theorist. Yeah, we have gotten those things but mostly the forum has been full of people who are polite and supportive (insanely compared to most online communities of this size) enjoying this service and DC Comics together. Even on days I don’t have time to watch anything or read the comics I almost never fail to check on the forums.


No problem you all deserve the praise. You all make me feel welcomed .