OMGawdOMGawdOMGawd Heeeessss Baccckkk!!! I am SOOO HAPPY right now!!!

Exellent @xLOVEandDoomPatrolx Mr. @biff_pow @AlexanderKnox @SkylerSneathen Super Cool @Vroom @Reaganfan78 @Romangreco02- where y’all at! I need my B-Man 89 peeps at my side on this one!

Texts received yesterday from around the DC89 fam/friends spectrum:

Mama89: Your hero is back Meelaya (Russian for ‘my dear’). Are you excited?

LittleSis89: So, I guess this means you’ll need more storage space then? (with the laughing emoji)

BFF89: OMG you must be sooo pumped!

GF Crew:
Keaton’s back! Are you pumped?!
OMG How excited are you right now?
Did U see this yet?
Hey look- it’s your Batguy.
You must be way excited right now
and so on and so on and so on :smile: :smiley:

I spent this weekend with SO89 and his family up in Mendocino (for a very good reason which I will disclose in one of my next posts over in the Mood Check thread :smiley:) and when we were out at one of the bars watching the game IT came on the screen and i went absolutely CRAZY inside. Welp, I guess that even though I was trying to contain my excitement a bit popped across my face becuz SO89’s mama noticed and she’s like “Oh, that’s right- that’s you’re favorite movie hero.” And then SO89’s papa was like “You don’t have to hold back- celebrate girl.” with a big smile on his face and so I went…

… for a second or two, and then we all toasted the movie and finished off what was an amazing night altogether. :smiley: :purple_heart:

Guys- Michael Keaton as Batman is the reason why I’m here right now at DCUI and in this amazing moment. As most of you know B-Man 89 ushered me into the fandom and I gotta’ tell ya- seeing him in the mantle again is like a lightning strike. In fact, ever since SO89 itro’d me to them a year ago I been diggin’ AC/DC quite a bit and this song really describes what I felt when I watched The Flash trailer yesterday so I’mma let them describe it:

I am sooo fricken’ pumped right now! Thank you so much Warner Brothers and :00_dc_2016:! I love you both with all of my :purple_heart:! WOOT WOOT!

:00_batman_1989: :00_batman_1989: :00_batman_1989:


Oh my god! 2 Flashes. Could we get a Batman Multiverse?! A Bat-Verse!


So…you’re excited, Dandy @DC89?

Good. Just wanted to be 100% sure. :wink:

I’m going to drop this, as it seems most apropos for you:

Party Dancing GIF by DC Comics

I’ve said it elsewhere, but I loved this trailer (and will be re-watching it again, very shortly).

Prior to the trailer’s debut, I figured Keaton would say “I am Batman.” at some point, and the money shot didn’t fail to disappoint.

Now, full disclosure as to what I’m most excited for in The Flash:

  • Said titular character’s debut solo cinematic outing.
  • A new cinematic Supergirl (She’s going to be pretty BA, I bet).
  • Keaton’s return.
  • Zod’s return.

I’d love to see Keaton and Zod rumble, with Keaton saying “You want to get nuts?! Come on, let’s get nuts!” right before they engage in el duke-a-roo.

Now, let’s bring on the toys and other merch, because I wants me those Spin Master and McFarlane Burtonmobiles, mmhmm.





NGL, if Spin Master makes a Batcave playset in their Flash line (and they should, since the vehicles are coming), I’ll be an extra good boy this year, so that Santa will deliver it in December.


As far as I’m concerned, it’s not The Flash, it’s Batman 3 (pretending the Joel Schumacher movies don’t exist)!


General Zod Heresy Man Of Steel Superman Destroy It GIF - General Zod Heresy Man Of Steel Superman Destroy It GIFs

At least when it comes to Batman Forever. You can ignore Batman & Robin all you want. :wink:

For me, this is first and foremost a Flash movie that my second-favorite childhood Batman happens to be in.

On another note: I get the feeling Affleck’s Batman is squarely part of the movie’s pre-Flashpoint goings-on and that once Keaton is introduced, he’ll be the sole Batman of the piece going forward.

That’s probably a “Well, duh!”-inducing comment, but its the impression the trailer gave off, so I wanted to note my impression of that impression, all the same. :nerd_face:


Very cool to see Keaton other costumes, especially the one with the shoulder holsters, I wonder if he started using guns before or after the Burton movies.


Knew you would be exited for Keatons return!


Bookmarking your post for its swell gif. :superman_hv_4:



Woot-Woot! :smile: :smiley:

Our guy is back Super Vool @Vroom!

It’d be Christmas if there’s a scene in the movie where Zod is inside a building or some kind of structure near a window with Kara :00_supergirl: floating aloft outside of it and she’s like “Would you care to step outside, General?” and then she just kicks. his. A55. Yes!

OMG it’s gonna be so fun gettin’ the stuffs!


I aaaammmmm! :smiley:

:00_batman_1989: :00_batman_1989: :00_batman_1989:


Vah, our guy ist indeed vack. :wink:

Great Krypton, how did I not think of that earlier? :facepalm_catwoman:

If that happens (and it should), that would absolutely be the cheese on my cinematic Kryptonian crackers and then some.

Right? Between Funko, McFarlane and Spin Master (and Lego, if need be), I’m going to start saving my sheckles now, for all of the fun later.

SN: I sure could go for some Now and Later candy…


Agreed @Daredevil- especially the original, and it still has the damage from the cathedral confrontation!

Soooo cool!


Same. Graceful exit for Affleck, which is very cool. :+1:


I know most people won’t care about this, but being that Kenner produced a ton of multi-colored Batman action figures when Keaton’s movies were current, I would have loved to see a suit or two based on those toys in the suit locker.

Maybe we will in shots not seen in the trailer? Could be.

I’m calling it now: The scene where Affleck is on the Batcycle opens the movie, and it involves Flash and him in pursuit of bad guys.

Afterward, he and Barry have the discussion where Bruce says “Tampering with time is bad, m’kay?”.

I haven’t read anything to indicate that, its just my own impression.


I can dig it. :smiley:


And on that note, I’m now humming the Shaft theme song.

“Shut yo mouth!”

I’m just talking about Shaft…

Anywhooz, tt makes the most sense to me. Because otherwise, where would Affleck pop up, especially once Keaton makes the scene?

Scene Uno: The Flash and Affleck kick some ass.

Scene Dos: Barry and Bruce have a “You mess with the timeline Barry, and that guy from Fashionable Male will not be happy!” discussion.

Rest of the movie: Eye and ear-melting glory that results in one “Joygasm!” after another. :nerd_face:


This is totally an at the theater thing for me- no way that streaming could make it happen for me.


If you hear someone belt out “Joygasm!” during the movie, that’s me. :joy:

Fun Fact: The Flash opens on the same day that Batman Forever did, 28 years ago.

I’m a big fan of Batman Forever, and if I end up anywhere remotely as much of a fan of the Flash movie as I am Batman Forever, I will have multiple joygas-

“Shut yo mouth!”

I’m just talking about how excited and happy I’ll be with The Flash, should it be as entertaining as Batman Forever was and is.

“I can dig it.”

:superman:uper! :superman_hv_4: