I Just Read Wonder Woman #600 for the First Time

As some of ya’ll know, I’m getting caught up on many Wonder Woman issues I haven’t been able to read up until now. Tonight, I read #600 for the first time, and I’m floored – in a good way, about the whole issue.

I realize I don’t have a critical eye for every detail that goes into DC art issue after issue, but I do know when art strikes me as something special. I also know that I have a hard time putting it into words, like a painting that really inspires me or a portrait that seems almost life-like.

#600 had so much to enjoy. All of the content, from the different stories, to Lynda Carter’s intro message to fans, the different portraits of Wonder Woman throughout the issue in different styles, and of course the new look Wonder Woman at the end (which took my breath away in a good way) – it was a great #600 issue to celebrate the Princess of Themyscira.

Perhaps others here in World of Wonder have fond memories of the issue when it first released in 2010, or maybe you were not feeling the new design then but think it’s okay now, looking back. But either way, I truly enjoyed the issue, and if DC ever allowed me to order custom prints from their comics (do they do this, I wonder?) I’d probably pick two or three from #600.

I wanted to celebrate the issue here in World of Wonder after reading it for the first time.




Partying face, indeed, @Jurisdiction .

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Wonder Woman #600 was a solid issue, and one that led into The Odyssey, which is one of my very favorite Modern Age Wonder Woman stories.

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So, @Vroom , I’m on part 4 now of the Odyssey story line. I find myself liking how Diana is more aggressive in her speech and she still has this instinct about danger ahead. I like the fact she’s less trusting and more skeptical in the storyline, allowing others to feel the same way about purposed allies.

The artwork has a deeper reflection to it, more darker color choices, a more intense firestorm. It’s startling on the one hand, but also satisfying on the other.

I can understand if others here may not enjoy it, but I tend to be more in favor of trying out different art styles to tell a story if a situation calls for it.

By the way, the new Justice Society movie is at the top of the list, and I’ll be sure to post some comments on it afterwards.


The initial issues of Odyssey by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI were very strong but he left that title (and Superman, who he had walking in America) very abruptly

Then the story loses consistency

Initially Diana was all alone then she lived in a big apartment with other amazons?

But these first issues were great. The very best Wonder Woman I had ever seen. And she looked great in pants.

You are right, @TurokSonOfStone1950 , Diana does look great in pants. The style I’ve seen is the dark black variety, almost like she’s in a spicy 1980’s movie. True also is that her enjoyment of loud rock music while trying to relax I can totally relate to.

As for J. Michael Straczynski leaving, I didn’t know anything about that. If the story loses something in the process from one writer to another, I’m not too bothered by that, as that can happen too when an episodic TV show has ups and downs.

I understand about the apartment thing, but I also find leaps in logic not to bother me, probably because I have never been into solving things strictly on a logical level. My brain has a hard time with logic at times, to be fair.

Thanks for your comment on my post. It’s nice to meet you.

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