I just can't do Titans

I really didn’t like Season 1.

I don’t like how the characters don’t look like their comic counterparts. I don’t like how washed out and dark the show looks. I don’t like how it is so dark and edgy I think it needs to sit in a corner listening to My Chemical Romance CDs and writing sad poetry into its diar-erm journal.

I hoped that the 2nd season would do better. It did. For like an episode. But then… Again… Brooding and dark and tragic and brooding… Did I mention brooding?

Just… I can’t.

I tried guys, I gave it a fair shake, but this one just isn’t for me.


I will admit i watch Titans and Season 1 wasn’t the best but now in Season 2 they’re more like the titans for the most part.

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So you watched the first three episodes?


You do you, bro

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If you did, then the fourth episode is where it starts to get more interesting. The show will stay dark, but there are other features to the show to entertain. I still don’t understand the timeline with the show, so judging the show based on the comics may not be most rewarding.

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Sorry to hear that, I dig it like an elseworlds sort of thing, and I thought the episode this week was really entertaining. But, hey, we all like what we like and not want we don’t.

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**want = what

Not only that the writing and dialogue between characters is pretty bad in my opinion.


If it doesn’t do anything for you, then it doesn’t do anything for you. It happens. I haven’t bothered watching season 3 of Young Justice because I was disappointed by the first two seasons and the tie-in comics, and I stopped watching the CW DC shows years ago. They just aren’t for me, so I understand where you’re coming from.


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Any given show, like any given comic or comic run, doesn’t resonate with every person. Nothing wrong with that. There is a lot of different content and content types) around here and more Originals coming (HQ Animated series, Stargirl, eventually Doom Patrol S2 and Bizarro TV.

Sorry to hear that Titans didn’t resonate with you, but certainly no need for you to feel bad about not liking.



The only thing that bothers me is how slowly original content comes out. I hope they ramp that up.

Like, I didn’t like Titans…

That means I get no new content for at minimum 2-2 1/2 months. Movies are a minimum of 3 months.

I hope that the DCU goes to a “three shows at a time” model so that I have more of a reason to keep my subscription rather than just cancelling for 2 months then re-upping. Which I have seriously considered starting doing.


@HenryWalsh I can some what agree I watched all of season 1 and it was very meh. On episode 1 of season 2 and feel just like skipping it to get to deathstroke.

Did you watch DOOM Patrol or Swamp Thing and if you did was it better then Titans?

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Doom Patrol was lovely. Weird, but lovely. Absolutely fantastic.

Swamp thing was… Eh? Looked beautiful. Wasn’t super good though.

Agreed this episode specifically was a step back, but my hope is that the season on whole is good. I’ve been much more into Season 2 so far, but i think my general feeling on this show is every good episode is unfortunately matched by a bad episode.

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I know where you are coming from. I’m struggling with it too. Season 1 was good but obvious it wasn’t for older fans. I was hoping for better from Season 2. I do not understand why the heroes do not want to be in their costumes. I can understand Dick’s reason. There are other things but again, these shows are not for fans in my age group. I am hoping once Superboy and Krypto are the focus, I can enjoy it more.

Just please respect the costumes and secret Identities. Stay close with the source material…plz.

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I don’t know, me-am, I’m an older fan and I dig it. It’s a slow burn sometimes, especially last season, but it still keeps me engaged.


@Applejack, At least I didn’t cuss him out . “Sissy is super pg” but alright fine fine…

I will now say I strongly disagree but the show is not for everyone and it’s good that the OP gave it a fair try

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Yeah, I’m with you there. I mean, I don’t understand why they keep going the, “No flights, no tights” route with these kinds of shows.

What’s wrong with a secret ID?
What’s wrong with a colorful costume?
What’s wrong with actually enjoying it?

I can understand it for like one guy. All of them? Robin (Jason Todd) is the only person on Titans who actually is fun to watch.

He gets the costume on. He wants to be out there. He’s willing to get his hero on.

And if Jason Todd is the best example of a heroic character in your show, then you’ve got problems.

“Oh, we’re going after Dr. Light, hey, let’s none of us get our hero gear on!”

Sure that works for Greyson right now, but Dove was wearing hers like yesterday. We know Hawk has one. We’ve seen Donna Troy with one. Nope! Let’s go in civvies!

The implication that the Titans used Jericho to get to Deathstroke?! Ridiculous. They’d never do that.

It is like Titans is embarrassed that it’s about superheroes.

I can’t help but feel that Titans is embarrassed about me. Like… It wants to be one of the cool kids so badly that it’s kicking people like me to the curb. Like DC doesn’t want me to be a fan. Its awkward.

Titans should embrace what it is. A superhero show.