I have Batman Hush questions and I'm needing answers please...

Will someone please explain to me what Batman Hush is all about? I tried to find out on this app by searching, but it seems nothing about it is here - go figure DC.

Anyways… since I can’t count on this app to tell me, will someone bring me up to date on the back story and/or what distinguishes Hush from any other version.

Thank you all for your time and assistance.

Without spoiling anything, it’s a mystery involving someone from Bruce Wayne’s past tormenting his present as Batman.

Until the story does come here, it’s available at hoopla and Comixology Unlimited.


Is that something where I need to have a membership? Thank you by the way.

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Is this by Jim Lee? I ask because I have the Funko Jim Lee collector’s edition figurine. I’m interested in knowing more…

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Hush is about a bat villain doing crazy stuff (yes that doesn’t really answer, but it’s spoiler free) and Batman trying to figure out who and why…

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Is this a series or just one comic?

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Hush is a twelve issue storyline that runs from Batman #'s 608-619, and is written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Jim Lee.

Both hoopla and Comixology Unlimited require memberships. For hoopla you need a library card as it works in conjunction with library systems around the country. It’s come to my attention that hoopla isn’t available for all libraries so you may want to research the libraries in your area to see if they are partnered with hoopla. If they are and once you’ve acquired a library card from them, then download the hoopla app, follow the instructions in making an account and you’re all set! You can check out quite a few things at a given time.

Comixology Unlimited is a feature of the Comixology app that allows you unlimited access to comics from several different publishers including DC Comics. You can start Comixology Unlimited with a free one month long trial. After that, it’s 5.99 a month.

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Keep in mind that Hush has been listed as a title that will be coming to DC Universe at some point in the future.

Things can change however, so it might be here next week or it may not be here for months. If you’re wanting to read it immediately, I would go the hoopla or CU routes.

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Thank you very much for your assistance.

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FWIW, there are several DC based wiki sites on the internet that can be found via a google search. To get you started here is just one such source:


BTW, the Comixology Unlimited program is pretty cool. It has close to 20,000 issues and collections available to borrow. Not only is DC involved but so are most other publishers. You can get a free trial period to see if it is helpful for your needs. It actually works well with the offerings here. Hush at Comixology Unlimited:


Best of luck getting the info you need. :wink: