I Have an Idea for a Green Lantern Game

So I was thinking about this during the Black Lantern arc and it occurred to me that the rings are based off a certain emotion or simply a concept of humanity and I was thinking:

“What if there was a game dedicated to the Lantern War/War of Light/Blackest Night where before you play, you do a personality test to figure out what color ring you get?”, then, to include immersion, you start off as the newest recruit for that lantern corps?

just a small thought.


Hey! That is an awesome idea! I love blackest night

I would love to have a Lantern game or MMO. They could have pre set animations for different constructs and add more over time. The corps could also have RPG skills that are attuned for each.

Blue=Monk Red=Barbarian Green=Fighter/Paladin Yellow=Magus Indigo=Wizard Violet=Cleric Orange= Rouge

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that’s very in-depth considering how a lot of them operate.