I have a question?

I’m doing a pretty messed prank on my best friend but itll be great… I need you help… Tell scarecrow your biggest fears and maybe he will spare you. Thanks

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Sorry for the miss spelling… But i text weird lol. My biggest fear btw is being burned alive.

Fears are overrated. They only exist because we have not yet discovered a way to counter them. Once a tool or experience is applied, that fear is eliminated.

Despite that, I had a lot of fears in my past- but sometimes, we just have to “tough it out” and realize it never is as bad as we believe. Therefore, my biggest fear is myself.

What’s the prank? Spiders are my fear

Falling from a plane.

There is nothing to fear but fear himself


Saw that on a scarecrow poster from the dark knight trilogy I got

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Living Dolls or Death

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People or needles.

The bottle.

Trauma to the eyes. Good thing I don’t have any.

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Eaten alive by an animal

Getting old and frail. Yeah, I’m early 40’s. It freaks me out :cold_sweat:

I’m pretty curious what the prank is!! I’m usually not afraid of much, but I am TERRIFIED of sudden noises. If you so much as say hi to me when I’m not expecting it, I will duck and scream. Me and my spouse were watching TV one day and he sneezed…I fell off the couch, grabbed the throw pillow, and yelped.
🤷 Just is what it is I guess


Dying alone in the dark, no hope. Hope that helps, don’t scare your friend to much :wink:

Yaas, getting old and losing abilities