I have a question for the mods.

This is not to complain but rather to understand.

What is the point of having a favorites list if content is removed? I put content in and eventually its not accessible. It just makes no sense to me since its the only list you can’t delete.


I put episodes on my list and I cannot delete them, also cant delete playlist and they took out the Aquaman Spotlight Documentary when it is even not a rotatable film and was there only weeks! meanwhile IRL, The Spirit are still there!

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OverSizedGeek, I’m not sure if the devs are fully aware that the items that are deleted aren’t removed from your “favorites” list. We’ll make sure to give them a heads up about that annoyance.

But to answer the spirit of your question, why have it in the first place: It would probably be more problematic to not have any option to bookmark content, however ephemeral. the objective here is to reduce the amount of rotated content as well, so having the function ready for that eventuality is ideal.

Thanks for the feedback, as always!

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