I hate to say but I think arrowverse Should end soon

What Do you think


Don’t Get me wrong I love the arrowverse but I think it’s time to Focus on the titans universe


I feel Arrow should end soon. But the others should stay.

Sure, but Legends of Tomorrow should go on forever. It’s DC’s Doctor Who.


Nono. :smiley:

The arrowverse is what brought back my interest in comics that had fallen dormant.

They are still my favorite TV shows. Don’t touch my Arrow-verse unless it is to grow it.

I especially need the positive shows (Supergirl, Legends and Flash).

DCU can rock the dark titans and such to cater for varied audience, but without my fave shows every week, the DC verse will shrink for me to a few comics per month, and that is just the highway for my interest to start fading again.


NO!! It’s my favorite DCTV show

Why would they end some of the CW’s most popular shows?

Don’t let the door hit’cha where the good Lord split ya! It’s been long over due for something new. Perfect t examples are Krypton and the DCU originals. These styles and themes are what TWoDC should be from here on out .

Just because you prefer a certain thing to another doesn’t mean that the other thing should just stop existing. Especially not when so many other people still enjoy it.

I like burgers better than pizza so every restaurant should stop making pizza and focus on burgers. Ridiculous.

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I enjoy all of the CW shows and will keep watching, but I wouldn’t cry too much if they cut one of them before releasing Batwoman.

@Chad22 I hear ya.

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True. Flash is the only watchable one, and calling it watchable might be a stretch. Black Lightning just wasn’t interesting I watched all of season 1 haven’t watched season 2 yet.

Disagree completely, and DC is more than capable of doing both Titans universe and the Arrowverse. I do think Arrow is about to run it’s course and wouldn’t be surprised if it continues after Season 8, but do think it is time and they have told about all they could with the character. But the other shows have more then maintained quality and feel like they have more stories to tell. Supergirl for all it’s criticism for “SJW Pandering” (and not entirely wrong) still tells good stories, Legends is possibly my favorite show on TV now and Flash is still going strong. So 100% think it doesn’t need to end.

I think Arrow should end. Flash is still pretty good. I’m interested to see watching happens with batwoman. But I did stopped watching Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow this year

If DC ends the Arrowverse than that means a large stream of money stops coming into the company. So NO they should not do that. If you don’t like one of the shows then just stop watching it. There are hundreds of thousands of people who watch those shows that don’t at all care about actual comic books, and Warner Bros should not stop creating content for those people just because some fans don’t like what is happening to the characters.

Just enjoy what you enjoy and stop caring about the stuff that you don’t.

Arrow is starting to overstay it’s welcome, especially since they started doing flash forwards now, instead of flashbacks. To me, it feels like it limits a lot of the potential in the present day story line and kind of gives away a lot of the surprises and reveals. Never was able to get into Legends. Flash would be better if Nora went back to the future (kind of over the whole Cicada storyline too). A lot of people may disagree, but I feel Black Lightening and Supergirl are actually the only ones that are on a good path right now. I just like how relatable they are with what we have going on in the real world right now, but with a twist (immigration, war on drugs, civil rights, government cover-ups, etc).

I don’t understand the hate for Arrow. IMO, its the BEST of the Arrowverse right now. I don’t watch Supergirl or Black Lightning, I stopped watching Legends this season and Flash is pretty good right now but not great. Arrow is killing it with each new episode, Beth Schwartz taking over was the best thing that could have happened to the show.

That being said, I do think Arrow should end soon mainly because I want to end on a high note, and its going to be hard to maintain a future story arc for many more seasons. I’m gonna hate seeing it go though.

As for the Arrowverse as a whole, I don’t think its going anywhere. Next year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths should give the Arrowverse the revitalization it needs if they do it right. There is always room to add more shows, and characters from shows that have ended could also make cameo appearances (kinda like Constantine did). Ultimately, it’s up to Greg Berlanti and where he will continue to put his focus when creating new shows.