I hate it but I believe I must sell

I hate it. Never had to do this. I think I need to sell some of my silver age comics. Its worse because I need to do it rather quickly.
What percentage of listed value could Or should I expect from my local comic shop?
I realize they are a business and won’t pay full value but what percentage should I expect as reasonable from them?

You would probably do better on E-Bay but it’s a question of if you have the time and want to do the extra work.

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I wish I had the time for that. Would expecting 60 percent of value be too high of expectations?

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There should be a Facebook marketplace-like section on DCU

try not to hate it, we’ve all had tough choices … sell them with love, get love back

highly recommend mycomicshop dot com … in business since 1961, online for 25 years, they’ll buy your books hassle-free, right away, for a fair price, or you can put them on consignment

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Found out today. My local comic shop pays one third of value. They use the overstreet price guide.

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One-third is better than I expected, honestly. Comic book dealers have to do a lot of work finding the right buyer for the right book. It takes time to build the network of connections. If they don’t have a buyer lined up, then they’ll just be sitting on a valuable comic for years hoping the right person comes along.

I’ve never sold any comics and my best max out at $200 anyway, but I always wondered about eBay. It seems like the best way to cut out the middle man who will eat up the cost. I think I’d start there.

Isn’t the question with e bay or any other line buyer

The condition of the comic book?

What if you say it is fine and they think it is average and pays less than you expected?

When a buyer physically sees the comic, there are no such problems. An amount is offered. Accept it or not.

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True. If you have something really valuable, then you have to get it professionally graded which incurs a reasonable but substantial fee. At that point, the grade, lock it in a case, and authenticate it, so you are fairly well guaranteed you get what you want.

Otherwise, you could do some high res scans and it would be a buyer beware sort of situation, but that’s all of eBay. I imagine you’d want to take a point off from whatever you think the comic should be graded so you can minimize the chance the buyer feels cheated. It would still be better than getting a third value at the comic shop, I would think.

Of course, it’s a lot slower and a lot more work. That’s why middle men exist. They make things quick and hassle free.

I sold comics on Ebay many years ago and you do get better then a comic shop will pay you for sure. Although still not near the guide value since they want a bargain like everyone else.

The thing with e-bay is you have to take the time to list them, keep up with the auction then package and mail them yourself, and packaging supplies are not cheap not to mention if you don’t guess shipoing right you will eat into the cost. Plus e-bay does have fees also that you have to factor in.

If youi have the time it is the best option. But if you need to move them quickly and are talking more then 10 or more it will eat up a lot of your time, and no guarantee they all will sell, unless you sell them as a lot but that is still not a guarantee and usually per comic that isn’t as much since people generally want to pay less for a bulk buy.

If you need them fast, and by fast you mean 50 in a week or 2 it might be easier depending on how much you need and how hard it will be to part to sell them to a comic shop if they really are going to pay 30% of the price, and you can trust them to price fairly and not grade them low to get a better deal. When I did buys for the comic shop I worked at we didn’t offer anywhere near 30% of the value unless it was a key in really good condition. Even then the owner usually didn’t want to go that high and risk sitting on it forever if he didn’t have a buyer lined up. 30% might be worth it to not have to deal with the hassle of selling it yourself, especially if you really are on a tight crunch.

Saw a person at my local Half-Price Books who sold his entire Firestorm collection. Everything from the Pre/New-52.