I got almost all the movies and TV shows on here

Like I said I got almost all the movies and TV shows and who wants to see human target come on get it together people after my free seven days I’m done

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Good for you. Bye.


Ok thanks for letting us know?


and why should any of us care the rest of us still paying and getting orginal content since none of you people dont know how to be patient


I like Human Target, I think it’s a great show where Christopher Chance and team risk their lives to save people. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Human target is awesome

Human Target is the best live action show on here

Human Target season 1=Constantine>Wonder Woman>Superboy season 1>Human Target season 2.

There are others, but those are the top of personal interest that are on here.

Human Target is great, plus you can only purchase Season 1. Season 2 is not out there to purchase.

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Bye Felicia


Not sure what TV shows (at least if they meant live action) they expect to see on here. Currently airing stuff whether we like it or not isn’t coming here except for Krypton, so aside from those we have Smallville, the 90’s Human Target, Powerless, Swamp Thing: The Series and Batman from the 60’s. And if someone has Superboy and Birds of Prey on DVD then I would assume they got most of those and if not likely didn’t want them. I mean it isn’t like DC has a huge library of dozens of TV shows based on their content. Even counting the CW, Gotham and the others on the air now it is still not a lot of shows. So not sure what they expected.

What about the 90s Flash?

Also, I do not yet own Superboy Season 1 because I am still watching the show to determine if any other seasons would be of interest.