I got a good idea for a Man of Steel 2 movie

So I just thought of a good way for WB to make a good man of steel 2 movie. I think WB should make a Superman Unbound movie where we are introduce to Supergirl and have the main villain as Brainiac. What you all think. Would this be a good way to introduce Supergirl in the DCEU and also have a good villain in as Brainiac? Let me know what you think…

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I think it would add to Superman’s character a bit if it was a movie about Superboy. Superman has to save him from whoever cloned him, and then teaches him what it means to be a hero. Brainiac would be cool, but he seems like a good way to introduce Martian Manhunter in a JL movie. Having Superman actually fight Luthor in his Warsuit would be cool.

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A sequel with Supergirl and Brainiac is what’s been rumored and is the way to go IMO.

Supergirl needs to be in a live action movie again and Brainiac is extraordinarily overdue for his live action movie debut by oh, decades.