( I dont want to sound boastful, but.....) I know almost everything about every superhero and villain. I have a thirst to learn more, and I love to talk and discuss about everything, so please do start talking about: your favorite superhero and w...

Please join the conversation, it would be sick if this would be an ongoing chat.


Do you think Hardware will be featured more in the 2nd half of Young Justice

What came first-- the Batcave or the Arrowcave?

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Definitely the batcave, since batman was created before.

Honestly, I dont think so. I think he was there just to show how the justice league has evolved and that he joined up.

@MH Why you gotta throw the tricky questions first?

@kingofspeedsters The Arrowcave first appeared in 1941. Batcave in 1944.

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@batman of zur
Ya, I’m not so good at issues and years, but I know ALMOST everything about superheroes and villains.

So thanks for the catch.

@kingofspeedsters It’s like history class. I never understood why they insist on testing you on dates. It’s the actual content that matters. Not the dates. However, having a good sense of what came after what is generally a good thing.

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Ya… I 100% agree on everything you just said. And I lm also in high school right now, so it’s kind of hard for me to do my studies and memorize dates for superheroes. Although I do take the time to study superheroes in general, so… I dont know.

At what age did you start getting interested in superheroes?

Do you love Wikepdia and the Wiki here.

@kingofspeedsters I dug them as a kid, but I didn’t actually start reading religiously until after college.

Some easy ones for ya, but fun :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the Flash’s full name? (First, middle, last)

What material is the Flash’a sneakers made of?

What pattern did he use on the bottom of the sole to anchor him in place while running, keep him from sliding/crashing?

What is the total amount of people captured in the phantom zone, how many are villains, how many are anti-heroes, how many are heroes?

Who has easily defeated Darkseid?

Who from Planet Earth has teamed up with Darkseid?

What single video game features over 100 characters each voiced by their proper DC cartoon/movie actors/actresses for an amazing authentic DC experience? (including Mark Hamill, C Thomas Howell, Kevin Conroy, Troy Baker, Nolan North, Clancy Brown, Michael Rosenbaum, Stephen Amell, Micahel Ironside, Tara Strong, etc. to name a few)

Disclaimer: I said almost everything and I know most about flash and batman

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Also I feel like everyone is going to put me on the spot now😰


Anyway @gibbyhertz I’ll answer things by 3

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Knowledge testing time
In the Man of Steel Bendis Series, what new D/C list Villain was introduced? (Rogul Zar is a B or A).
2. In honor of Batman’s 80th anniversary, name all 8 robins (Note my purposes D___ T_____ Counts). Including two which just had there robin debuts in the last 2 months.

Bartholomew Henry allen

Same stuff as NASA rockets and stuff

I’m guessing zig zag (kind of like lightning)

Have absolutely no clue

Justice league

Vandle savage ( dont know if I spelled that right)

And lastly I’m guessing… one of the batman Arkham games.