I don’t understand the order of the death of the family arc

Can someone please help me i’m so confused. i own the physical copy of the “the joker death of the family” but i can figure out which order. when i look up a list on google for the chronological order it’s not in the same order as this book. They added the storyline to the dc universe app but even that isn’t in the same order as the list i found or the book.

Death of the Family was a big event in the Batman comics, it had a main story and a lot of tie ins.

The main story is entirely self contained in Batman (2011-) #12-17.

The Joker: Death of the Family trade paperback does not collect the main story. Instead it tries something different. It takes all of the tie ins and tries to form a cohesive story for each individual character that was affected by the event by chopping up the tie in issues and stitching together the fragments. For example, the Batgirl story follows Batgirl through the entire event and is comprised of pieces of tie in issues to the event. This means that almost all of the stories in Joker: Death of the Family happen vaguely simultaneously.

However, if someone was trying to put all of the individual issues that are part of the event, including both the main story and the tie ins, in a chronological order, then it would be the storyline featured on DC Universe.

Personally, I feel like only the main story is necessary. If you want to read the tie ins, Joker: Death of the Family is, in my opinion, the best way to do, so long as you read it after the main story.

Basically I suggest reading Batman #12-17, then Joker: Death of the Family. The story isn’t fun to get through in chronological order.

Just read the Batman run throughout it because honestly the rest is unimportant if you want though the teen Titans run has a pretty cool team up between the outlaws and teen Titans and Batgirl