I don´t understand the hate towards Damian Wayne

So some time ago I have been reading up a lot on a certain popular character Damian Wayne after returning to comics after a few years… and let me just say I love the character. After seeing a few recommended readings I found out he appears in animated movies… and I love him even more in fact he is my favorite and second best robin (behind dick of course) in my opinion he is a complete bad-ass I like how he dosen’t take ■■■■ from no one in fact his interactions with people are pretty funny and i love the dick and damian pairing especially in nightwing rebirth and batman reborn when i found out people hate I saw a whole bunch of reasons like he’s a whiny arrogant brat that kills? like what do you expect from a child let the kid act his age literally have you seen him play cheese viking and the killing part I dont get that like yes he killed but for good reason that barely happens now . I also like how much of a capable person he is he Gets ■■■■ done he always comes in clutch like when he disabled a nuke or took down gotham girl . but if you don’t like him (althougth i know most people do like him) i’m not judging but watch his animated appearances i feel they represent him a lot more than his comic version

animated:batman ninja,batman unlimited batman vs tmnt binge the dcamu the brave and the bold and harley quinn s1 ep 4 s2 ep 1

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I even think he can be batman which he already once has check out his B&R annual 1


Hello @MASTER, Welcome to DC Universe Infinite!
I don’t think everybody hate Damian, I think he’s a very good Robin, he has a great team up with Jon Kent AKA Superboy, together they have such a popular comic series Supersons. :slightly_smiling_face:
He was also in some Animated movies, he pretty much won my respect.


Hey there @MASTER, welcome to the community! I think you’ll find no shortage of Damian Wayne fans here and an even greater number of Robin fans in general. I agree with @Reaganfan78 that including him in the animated movies was a great move, as that has really warmed a lot of people up to him (including myself).

If you haven’t already, check out our ongoing Round Robin tournament where you can vote on different stories to determine which one will be made into a full series - I think you’ll like one of the choices currently still in the running. :0_damian_wayne:


thanks fam i think his animated versions show us more of his character


He doesn’t team well with Batman. He was much better as a complement to Dick Grayson, whether Dick was Batman or Nightwing.

Damian is an enjoyable character in his own right. Whether you feel he’s a good Robin probably depends on how important you think Robin being Batman’s partner is.


i agree on that damian (a child learns from the parent) and dosent change cus bruce cant stop crying and ■■■■■■■■ about the death of his parents he has even said that he prefers dick and jon


I don’t hate him but he’s a downgrade after the best Robin Tim Drake.


This is a big part of it. It felt like Damian was getting shilled while Tim was getting shoved aside. Tim earned his place as Robin through his own ingenuity and guts. Damian’s attitude initially was insufferable, too. It was like if Guy Gardner was a half-pint mama’s boy.

He does grow on you and I’m looking forward to the new Robin series (especially since they mention Shonen Manga as an inspiration- that’s a fresh take for DC and they really need fresh ideas.


He’s a sweet potato pie!


i get it too I wasnt that interested in tim but if anything a character deserves to be treated better i mean look at his red robin solo I just felt sad and disappointed when i saw how much of an unhealthy obsession he had with batman in general


ok, but I love Damian Wayne. The bat boys are one of the very few groups of boys I love almost equally (except Jason, I love Jason the most.) but I think Damian its great, I don’t understand the hate.


I always enjoy reading or watching Damian. The animated movies are great. I know that not everyone will like every character but when I hear people that don’t like him especially because of his attitude or being whiny I think they tend to forget that he didn’t really have a childhood. He was basically raised to be a living weapon and has no emotional range or idea how to interact with people. He does not know how to just be a kid. Until he spends time with Dick and Jon.

I think Damian is just one of those characters that when you don’t read much into them I can see how he would annoy some people. But once you give him a chance and get in depth with him you see how complex he can be.


As a Tim fan, I started off hating Damian. But he really grew on me. Yeah, he’s a brat. But he has his moments. And he has grown so much since he was first introduced.

Super Sons, alone, gave him so much character growth. Along with his short lived Robin series. Hopefully his new solo series continues the good trend.

Someone in here said he works better with Dick than Bruce, and I agree. But it goes both ways. Dick treats Damian better than Bruce does. And Damian respects him for that. That’s why they work well together.

But Damian is also a great solo character. If he is given a storyline besides, “I don’t want to grow up and be like my grandfather. Or do I?”. There are so many other options for him and I hope future storylines do that.


what im saying so when he is being better for others and himself he cant act his age and be whiny and arrogant bruce has even said he always saw what he wanted and pretended that he was older than he was


Exactly. This kids is expected to not be a kid and feels like he has to prove himself to everyone that he is better.


exactly i mean yes he killed wally west but for good reason imagine someone already enhanced like deathstroke gets speedforce powers im not taking the chance fighting him but he was just being the logical one in the situation and he is the kid


i like damian, it just so happens that whenever he gets good character development is is retconned so he can be sort of a villain. also whenever he has a friend who is not a family member it gets deleted. or in Jon’s case a significant age difference


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I think Damian is a good character who is torn between his father and his grandfathers vision. He is finally able to see Justice based on his fathers teachings and that makes him a hero, but he sees justice as being absolute and will do anything to make sure it happens based on his grandfather. He doesn’t see justice as crossing a line, he sees it as a necessity. We’ve seen two Robins having their beliefs changed when influenced with the Good (Batman) and the Bad (Joker & Ra’s). Maybe Damian should team up with Jason Todd. How would a Red Hood and Damian Wayne team be against the bad guys? They’d think twice knowing they may never make it to Gotham PD…


When he first became Robin after Batman RIP and Final Crisis, I really loved Damian. His dynamic with Dick was really fun.

I still don’t think he’s a bad character or anything, but I no longer think he’s a good Robin. He was always a subversion of the Robin archetype. Where Robin has always been the serious Batman’s more upbeat and funny counterpart, Damian WAS the serious counterpart to Dick’s LESS grim Batman, and it was a fun dynamic!

But once it was Damian and Bruce, it became a serious Batman with a serious Robin. To lighten Damian up, frequently writers choose to introduce more cartoonishness. Bat-Cow, temporary powers, that demon looking thing - it’s all fun enough and I genuinely like it, but Damian’s core is still a reformed assassin who takes himself really seriously.

That original “more upbeat foil to Batman’s seriousness” thing goes back to the Golden Age, and while it’s certainly not universal to every story, it’s a throughline that largely runs through Dick, Jim and Tim. And Carrie for that matter. They’re very different characters from each other but they’re all Robin first and foremost. Damian by contrast is first and foremost “Damian Wayne, Son of the Batman,” and only secondarily “Robin, the Boy Wonder.”

I wish Damian would kinda make his own name for himself, and someone else, (maybe Tim, who never really stopped being Robin imo) could be a more “classic” Robin instead. Damian doesn’t actually have to go anywhere. I definitely don’t hate Damian. I just think he’s been slowly obscuring the Robin archetype.