I did a thing

Batman Talisman
Super Villains Edition


@Grimmshade made a post asking people about the DC themed Role Playing games they play and it inspired me to look into DC themed games.

My family used to be real into Talisman until the 400th expansion made it too big to be at all pleasurable but we had a lot of fun playing this version.

Plus… MINEATURES!!! I love mineatures!!!



Painting miniatures is one of my favorite things! Thank you @Grimmshade for starting me on the path to such a good time!!!


These are all great, but I especially adore Ivy! My friend paints miniatures, and the small details he works with blows my mind. Kudos to doing a project that large!

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You’re welcome, and great job on those miniatures!
That Batman Talisman game looks pretty fun!
Also check out Gotham City Under Siege. It’s a fast and fun cooperative game based on the Animated Series. A great (and cheap) expansion just came out called Masterminds & Mayhem. The game also comes with 5 miniatures.
And of course there is Gotham City Chronicles which is a great adventure game and comes with many Miniatures, but has only been available via Kickstarter so far.

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Sorry, don’t know much about mini figures (unless we’re talkin’ legos!).

Very cool & crafty. Plus u get to enjoy em every time u play. What would u compare the game to?. I mean, the one u mentioned, which u said is similar. Anything mainstream it even maybe closely relates to?

I can’t really think of a game like Talisman…

It’s a good game though. It’s a fantasy based board game with role playing aspects:


Ok that’s a great description. I play settlers of catan all the time. Sounds like a d&d semi-vibe. Nonetheless that’s a cool project u completed.

You might want to check out this Kickstarter!
Batman the Animated Series miniatures game:

Nice that’s really cool.