I can't watch my favorite shows, even though I pay for a monthly subscription?

I’m already a monthly subscriber, so why am I being asked to upgrade to premium in order to watch movies and shows like Titans or Young Justice Outsiders? Why should I have to pay twice? Did I miss an announcement about changes for subscriptions?


Not sure if it was changed recently but the site says you have to be an annual subscriber to get the premium benefits.


I guess it makes sense though, since some people would just pay $8 bucks to watch all the comics, shows and movies and never come back after that month is done.

Hope this helped!


That isn’t how it’s supposed to work. I’d send in a help ticket. Every member gets unlimited access to the service, it doesn’t matter if you do the monthly subscription or yearly, or the free trial. Sounds like a glitch to me! Here’s the link to the customer service form: https://support.dcuniverse.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Thanks for providing the link, guys!! :slight_smile:

Shit I am an annual subscriber and yet I never seem to be able to cast a single video ever, because I am always needing to contact support?

The only two differences I see from the subscription page is that the overall cost is lower for annual subscribers, and they get “Premium annual member benefits and rewards.” Whatever those are, it does not say.

I am on the monthly plan, and I have access to the comics, movies, animated series, and series with no issues. Although the Roku app is less than perfect, it works well enough for me.

If you are using a different app, the issue may lie there.

I may switch to the annual plan at some point, but probably not for a few more months.


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So far everything is perfect for me using my phone and tablet to tv.

I use a micro-usb to hdmi, a cord specifically designed to connect my phone to tv. It’s perfect and convinient enough, never glitches out. Phone app has been amazing for me.


I want to try the Roku just to see how that works though, just for the heck of it. I rarely use my pc for DC Universe.

I use the PC for these Community boards, and to occasionally read some comics too, but I use my Roku TV for watching DC Universe programs. The apps and navigation are basically the same as with a Roku streaming devices.

For me, the Roku TV is not ideal for reading comics, but it can be done. My PC is not ideal for watching movies and TV shows, because my office chair is not as comfortable as my evening chair for watching TV… although my PC has killer speakers that are vastly better than my Roku TV speakers (my PC also does a very nice imitation of a stereo).

I have DC Universe on my phone as well, but I rarely even look at that app. I really do not use my phone for much more than texting and to play Spider when watching something that cannot hold my full attention, and that happens all too often.